Divine Lotus Healing | This Crystal Traveled 7,203 Miles Before Something Amazing Happened

This Crystal Traveled 7,203 Miles Before Something Amazing Happened

[bctt tweet=”#Crystals can carry presence. Read a #truestory of one.” username=”divinelotusheal”] I have an unusual story that I was told by the man who introduced me to crystals. This took place around 1999:

He had a large Tibetan quartz rod (not the quartz in this photo), terminated at one end. He had it for years and one day while some friends were gearing up for a long trip to Tibet he could feel it “calling to him” as he put it. He knew it needed to come with them on their trip somehow. He told them to take good care of it and see that it ended up in the right place. When they asked how they’d know, all he could promise was that they would “just know.”

So, they backpacked their way from the US to Tibet and it took a long time. They stayed at many monasteries. Each time they took out the crystal and laid it on the bed. At one particular monestary, they took it out and laid it down before going for supper with the monks.

While eating supper, there was a rushing sound like wind whipping through the hall and the sound of a monk’s voice chanting, even though the monks ate in silence and all were accounted for in the hall.

When the couple arrived back at their sleeping quarters for the evening they found that the quartz had broken in two! The following day, the monks told them that a former monk of the monastery had somehow had his energy trapped in the crystal. It had been removed from Tibet and he had helped to guide himself home!

Another great example of how subtle energy works in our world.

What about you? What experiences have you had when working with crystals?

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