Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Crystal Attribution

Council of Light Channeled Message: Crystal Attribution

Via Laura West

May 27, 2009

Council of Light Channeled Message: Crystal Attribution

The following message was channeled through me while I was taking an intense crystal healing seminar. The instructor was talking about the properties of crystals and someone in the class asked,

“Why do we attribute crystals to being either male or female and how can we tell the difference?”

This sweet, simple, clear and very short message came through me as an answer from the Council of Light in response to the question being asked.


Channeled Message:


“We as human forms are in a box and have to label everything. When we think about divine conscious beings, not of the earth plane, often they are androgynous and do not take on a sex. It is hard for humans to comprehend this. So, we as a human form have to define things in categories and put labels on them to understand them. This is why we attempt to say that one crystal is male and another is female when in actuality neither is true. The crystals do not contain any sex identity at all.”