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Buy Your Oils at Wholesale Cost, 25% OFF!

When you buy doTERRA essential oils, you buy them through a wellness advocate. This person is your enroller. You are signing up for a membership club, much like BJ’s or COSTCO. There are many great benefits to buying your oils this way:

  • Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils
  • Oils can be used internally, topically & aromatically
  • Qualify for Free Products Every Month
  • Automatic Shipment Options
  • Order at your own pace
  • No monthly order minimums
  • No order requirement commitments
  • Enrolling through me (Laura West) guarantees you continuing education classes so you know how to use your oils safely and effectively

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World Class Education at Your Fingertips!

When you become a doTERRA Wholesale customer through my Divine Lotus doTERRA Community you get:

  • Become part of my international oil community!

    Credible, science based information at your fingertips

  • Support for how to use your essential oils, many ways

  • Hundreds of videos

  • Extensive Blog Post Database