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What Is Crystal Energy?

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Crystals vibrate with energy, just like everything else in the universe. Science discovered long ago that everything has its own unique vibratory rate. Human beings interact with these vibrations all the time whether we realize it or not. Just walking down the street we are coming into contact with the vibration of the building materials around us, the earth energies below us, and the vibrational energy of the people we pass on the sidewalk.

Vedic medicine, which is a form of health treatment over 15,000 years old from the East, deals with using crystals to treat the body for health. Isopathy is a form of vibrational medicine that has a person wear crystals as jewelry to help their vibrational energy run at its optimal best. Healers prescribe the wearing of crystal jewelry as medicinal treatment.

How does this work? When a crystal is worn on the body, a piece of amber for example, the energy from the amber seeps through the pores of skin and sinks into the vibration of the body. Our skin breathes and internalizes the mineral properties of the crystals. This is why it is important when wearing crystals as jewelry to wear them with open backs, not encased in silver, gold, platinum, etc., so that the crystal energy has a direct connection with the body.

Our vibrational energy is like a magnet. It attracts and repels other vibrations all the time. Because of this, we lack certain vibrational energies that we need in order for our vibrations to be complete. When specific crystals are placed on the body they help to fill in the gaps or smooth out the edges of a person’s vibration, making it more complete. It can be compared to why we take a multi-vitamin every day!

In the book The Cosmic Crystal Spiral: Crystals and the Evolution of Human Consciousness, by Ra Bonewitz, he discusses the role crystals play in working with humans. We can think of it like a flow chart:

Crystals grow in the earth

Plants feed off the energy crystals send out

Animals feed off the plants that have internalized the crystal energy

Humans feed off the animals who have internalized the crystal energy

Humans internalize the crystal energy

This process is called transference. Because this crystal energy never dilutes, (which can be correlated from a study of diluted flower essences done by Dr. Richard Gerber) astrologer Isabel Hickey poses that the only difference between us and crystals is that humans have souls.

Do you wear crystals for health or practice an alternative form of health practice? Share your story by leaving a comment!

Namaste, Laura