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Dr. Gerber Flower Essence Study With Crystals

Dr. Richard Gerber, author of the 1988 classic book, Vibrational Medicine the #1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies Third Ed.,

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describes many scientific case studies for energy fields and health benefits. Chapters range from chakras to crystals to psychic healing, all with corollary case studies that suggest scientific proof of how subtle energy works.

In one study Dr. Gerber himself worked with flower essences. He wanted to see if through the process of dilution could the essence of the flowers be destroyed. What he discovered was no matter how many times he diluted the essences, they were always present. In fact, he diluted an original flower essence 100 times over, in the same test tube, and found traces of the original essence still present.

Crystals grow in the earth and send out energy.

Plants feed off the energy crystals send out.

Animals feed off the plants that have internalized the crystal energy.

Humans feed off the animals who have internalized the crystal energy.

Humans internalize the crystal energy.

[bctt tweet=”Humans eat crystal energy. #Vibrational #Medicine” username=”divinelotusheal”] We can take this application of crystal energy and cut right to the chase when working with crystals. Applying the crystal directly to the body, as when being worked on during a crystal energy session, means that the person will internalize the energy from the crystal while laying on the massage table. The body will attune to the specific energy being vibrated out by the crystal and will absorb the energy.

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