Big Changes Coming

Divine Lotus Podcast: Big Changes Coming

Listen to this latest podcast episode for an extended version of why I’m making changes to my business. Show notes with details are below. Enjoy!



Here’s what is changing:

Psychic and Spiritual Development Class is not going to be taught as a “live in person” class in my Cambridge office every month. (There will be a live, day-long immersion workshop in the Cambridge office at some point. Stay tuned.) And, the August 17 class that’s listed on the website currently will be the last live class in this format.

Instead, it is becoming an online monthly membership where you can access tools to support your divine psychic life. I’m sending a detailed email on this program next week, stay tuned!

Spiritual Counseling has changed to Spiritual Coaching 

You will still be able to get the same great wisdom and advice from the divine! I’ve found that I really enjoy coaching and I’ve leaned into it in a deeper way (just ask some of the folks who’ve worked with me over the past year in my essential oil world!).

This new coaching model will let you pick single sessions or packages. As you know, when you work on big goals, one session just doesn’t get the job done. It takes time to unpack your “old stuff” and re-frame, practice and internalize the “new stuff”. The pricing investment for coaching is changing on August 15. You can book single sessions at the old rate until that day when it changes to fit the new model. (If you are super jazzed and want to get started now, packages are available!)

This new model will allow you to consciously frame your work as a long term investment in transformation, rather than a one time dip into information. Feel the difference? Read that sentence again. Long term investment in transformation… that is where I have found a passion for helping people grow!

Reiki Classes are moving ONLINE

I love teaching Reiki and you all keep asking for it, and I’ve been curious about the online class world for a long time so… I’m merging the two. I had my last round of Shoden, Okuden and Shinpiden classes recorded professionally and they are almost finished being edited so they can go online. Live teaching of these Reiki classes will come back. It’s just on pause for now.

I invite you to explore what feels right for you and work with the professionals in your life that are exactly what you need at that moment. If I’m one of them currently, I am truly honored.

Many blessings!


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