Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Healing Treatments from the East

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

March 6, 2010 1:50pm
Topic: Healing Treatments from the East

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Good day Laura. We are glad you are here. We have been waiting to see you. We would like to talk to you today about healing modalities and helping people receive healing treatments from the East.

People must consider all modalities of healing when they are seeking courses of treatment. It is not enough just to say, “Open me, remove the sick part, and put me back together.” Yes, of course this is productive, but the emotional body and the psychological body are left behind during this process. Not to mention the vibrational energy body.

We would like to remind humans that there are many bodies that make up a human. Your etheric, your emotional, your physical, and so on. Western science and medicine has discovered that when you can see it, it is to be believed. Can one see emotions? No. But they are there. They do exist. Can one see the vibratory rate of an aura? No, not yet. Science is determining a way to make it visible to the naked eye. When this occurs many more people will start to understand and believe the processes involved in vibrational energy medicine. Your scientists are well on their way to working on that and figuring that out.

We ask for those of you who are practitioners to remain centered and balanced and calm so that you may continue to tune into the subtle energies that you work with and help them to manifest and align and purify themselves to the levels that they need; without the aid of visual stimulation to prove that what you are doing is real. For what you are doing IS real and you can feel it with your subtle intuitions that you pay attention to. To be a good energy clinician, one must tune into themselves, go inward a little bit and work from their intuitive self. This is really their higher self that is always guiding and governing but is often not in the forefront of their daily lives. The higher self acts as the steering column and the waking self is the tool that is driven. Thus, when an energy practitioner tunes in, they feel sensations with their hands, or in their mind, they just know where to put the healing energy. Or even sometimes they feel the energy on their body acting as a mirror for where it needs to be replaced on the client.

This is all positive and healthy and just as beneficial as Western style medicine. It will not be long now until vibrational medicine modalities are accepted and trusted and studied by Western doctors. There are pockets of this understanding already in parts of your country that see the benefits of using subtle energy whole body treatments to help heal a patient.

You (the practitioner) are a core channel when you work with reiki. It takes a very firm strong rooted believer to carry out all that is necessary to heal using these modalities. If there is any doubt in the mind, the link is not made, the connection is severed. And, the healing cannot take place.

We are here to support you (the practitioner) as a subtle energy healing practitioner. And, we ask that clients when they lay on the table be open to new possibilities. Nothing in this field is meant to hurt or harm you but rather open you to new possibilities and beliefs and energy systems. If there is any doubt in a client’s mind then the true healing energy cannot sink in. The doubt acts as a block and does not let the healing energy come in. Thus, perpetuating the cycle of people feeling like subtle energy modalities do not work. We would like to say to you that they very definitely do work and that it is important to remember that they work.

Not every person is the same. Even people who have been in relationship to each other for years, it is hard for you to understand that the other person is being healed with subtle energy but they feel better and they are transformed and you do not know how. It is not your job to know how. But, to support them and honor their healing process as they are going through it. We invite you to let go of your skeptical mind, but please retain your rational mind, and ask clarifying questions along the way so that you gain a better understanding of the process and of how it works. We cannot tell you (the practitioner) what to do as the clinician in each session but we can offer you advice and we can give you the sense of where you need to be working so that you provide the highest healing possible for the client.

When someone says that subtle energy healing does not work it is because they have not had this work done on their body. But it is important to know that others looking for this information of how energy healing works must not take any explanations at heart but must experience energy healing on your own so that you are making your own decision, even if you are a famous energy healer’s spouse. If you have not had this work done on your body you need to try and receive a healing session so that you can experience it first hand and make the meaning for yourself.

We can look for guidance and the understanding of process in the outside world. Everybody now-a-days has an idea to share. And, thank you to your technology for bringing all the ideas to the surface in a ubiquitous and easy way to access it all. And people must remember that one person’s experience with the subtle energy healing modality will be different than your healing experience with the same subtle energy healing modality. Thus, you must try it on your own first and do not block it out of existence. For if you do that you will not receive the healing.

We would like to remind you that when you say no you are putting up a road block to your path so that you may not continue forward in the manner that is best for you. So, if you are looking to receive a healing treatment, then you must look forward to the session with an open heart and mind. That is not to say that you must be naive and expect a miracle to happen during the healing because that kind of situation is rare. But, you should be open to the transformational process. You feel different when you begin and when you end, thus being transformed.

It might not feel like a new person at the end of a session but you should be able to feel some changes such as lighter clearer thinking or less constriction in the area that is being healed. These are small signs that healing has been taking place during your session. It is important to note these small feelings so that you can look forward to them during future sessions. And, the more you start to acknowledge them the easier it will be for them to expand in your energy field.

Once you think something, it is created in existence because it exists in your mind. So if you think about the sensations of healing in your body then you have created the healing in your body and it has become real.

You must keep an open mind because the human mind does not understand how much possibility there is in the world. And, you are just tapping into a tiny drop of all the possible knowledge that is available to you as human beings.

We would like to be finished with our message for today. And we will continue this message with you another time. And it is important to remember that subtle energy healers must be open channels and clearly aligned so that the healing modalities may come through you. And, clients, or patients, must be open to receiving the subtle healing energies. And, although you may not feel it at first, hopefully, at the end of a healing session, you feel different inside in someway and can recognize that.

This is a sign of subtle energy change in your body. We would like to thank you today Laura for being open to our message and allowing us to come and speak through you. We are honored that the work is being done here with you. And, we will continue to provide awareness to the people who need to hear the message. We are the Council of Light and we wish you good light and goodbye and adieu. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light until the next time we are to meet with you again. Goodbye.

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