Divine Lotus Healing Tibetan Rituals to Cleanse Crystals
In the Veydic Tibetan tradition there are five elemental rituals that are used to cleanse crystals. It is important to cleanse crystals because they can hold and store energy just like the physical body’s energy field.

The five elemental rituals are:

Earth Rituals

Place the crystals directly on the earth, on top of the soil of a plant, or under a tree or even on top of other crystal clusters (quartz works well for this). A dry bed of salt can be used. Not iodized table salt but pure rock salt, such as Peruvian salt or sea salt.

Water Rituals

Soak the crystal in natural spring water or distilled water using sea salt. Straight tap water may contain impurities or chemical additives so it is best to used distilled or spring water that is free of potential additives. Essential oils can be added for their specific qualities. The bowl of water holding the crystal can be placed in the sun and moon to draw in the solar forces. This helps to heighten the emotional energies of the stone. It is important to note that when soaking a crystal, a glass or pyrex clear bowl should be used because they do not hold any additives. Any plastic or metal residue left over from other bowls could seep into the crystal and become part of the energy it holds.

Fire Rituals

Smoke can penetrate the depths of all matter and knows no boundaries. A crystal can be passed through the smoke of burning sweet grass, sage, lavender cedar, coral, and incense.

Air Rituals

Using the breath and the science of invocation, sacred music, fans, or the wind help to clear a crystal. By chanting over the stone something to the effect of: “May the highest and purest vibrations of love light and wisdom purify this stone and program it to do the work of________ (protecting, energizing, clearing, etc.)” the stone will become cleansed. The vibrational sound of the voice and the power of intention is key here.

Etheric Rituals

Using Tibetan bowls, tsingshas (small cymbals on a leather strap), tuning forks, and bells help to cleanse a crystal. Tibetan bells in particular hold the properties of the seven precious metals and Tibetan bells hold the intention of the five elements.

* Stones that are soft, 5 and under on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, should not be soaked in water or put into salted water.

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