Laura’s Bio

Laura West, M.Ed., RMT

Owner of Divine Lotus Healing, LLC. | Est. 2009 | Bringing Eastern Health to the West (tm)


Laura West is a Master Teacher of Japanese Reiki, Herbalist and Spiritual Counselor who has been “Bringing Eastern Health to the West” since 2009 through her work involving intuitive development, meditations, herbalism (via essential oils) and Reiki. She helps people discover their innate wisdom and their own healing capacity.

Laura has been featured on the radio, on TV and in magazines and blogs. This includes the Gaiam TV blog, Carolyn Wilkins’ TV Show – Carolyn’s Psychic Playroom, The Herbal Academy blog, Boston Voyager Magazine, Achieve Raido’s Walking the Path Radio Show, All Business Media’s Radio Show and meditations featured in the Insight Meditation community, just to name a few. She has also made various guest appearances and collaborations with colleagues in the health and wellness field.

Laura has also supported the work of the Celebration of Reiki, Inc., a Massachusetts non-profit organization dedicated to Reiki education and outreach, serving many roles including conference panelist, conference planner, solo lecturer,  and Board of Directors member. In addition to her holistic healing practice, Laura holds a Master of Education degree and has worked in the field of early childhood education since 1999.

Key Life Moments

  • 1980’s 4 years old: first memories of connecting with spirit

  • Mid 90’s Teenager: deeply interested in the macabre, ouiji boards, haunted houses

  • late 90’s / early 2000’s: internet ghost cams + chat rooms about metaphysical topics

  • 2006-2009: traveled the world + had extreme metaphysical experiences

  • Mid 2000’s: Studied Reiki levels one, two, advanced, crystal and master in one year, went on to study two more Reiki lineages + retrain several more times

  • 2007/ 2008: studied spiritual and psychic development for a year with weekly classes