ghosts at my house

Ghosts at My House

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Every so often, I experience ghosts at my house. Because I deal with the ghostly and spirit realm for work, every once in a while, stuff visits me at my home. I had some strange things happen in the last three weeks that made me think it was time to cleanse my house of stuck energy.

Towards the end of the summer, at night, while I was watching TV I was psychically aware that a man in spirit was standing on my back porch smoking a cigarette and watching me.

He didn’t feel harmful. He couldn’t enter the home due to the energy protection I have set inside. But, he would show up and just stand there. It got to be kind of annoying to me because he never said anything. But, I’m used to spirit hanging around me in my life so I just went about my business as usual.

Then, last week a neighbor whom we had never met rang our door bell. He was looking for information about some tree work we had done over the summer. We invited him in and got to chatting about the neighborhood, the way neighbors do, and he told us a strange story. He said about four years ago a man and woman lived in our home and they always fought. Eventually the man couldn’t take it anymore and he committed suicide by sitting in his car in the sealed garage downstairs.

When we first moved into the home, I did an energy cleanse to get rid of all the energy from all the past people who had lived here. I never picked up any disturbing energy in the garage or anywhere else on the property for that matter. When I looked up suicide and my street address in the local town database, nothing came up. It could be that the neighbor had our house confused with someone else. It could be that I just didn’t research the right way.

So, with these two strange events and with the Fall Equinox arriving, I thought this would be a good time to do a house energy cleanse. Equinox days are charged with a lot of energy changing and they are portals for spirit to come and go easily. My family took an hour and walked through the house, drumming and smudging with white sage. I made sure to go out into the yard and walk the perimeter of the property, along with the deck where the man in spirit had stood.

The house and land around us feels more balanced now. It feels lighter. When was the last time you energetically cleansed your home? You don’t have to have spirit encounters to feel like it is full of stuck energy.

Have you experienced spiritual presence before? Share in the comments below!

Namaste, Laura