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Topic: Meat vs. Vegetarian Eaters

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Reader Question:

Our best of salutations to the Council of Light and to you, dear Laura.
Our question is: What is the difference between eating animals or plants if both of them are living beings? Why should we be vegetarians? May He bless us all. Namaste


We see that you dear ones who ask this question are highly evolved beings in your own right and your own selves. We do not wish to imply that you are better than your fellow humans among the human race but simply that you are just seeking answers on a higher consciousness level. And, we shall provide you with some answers for you to ponder and chew on today, here and now, so to say.

From a perspective of basic human interaction with animals and plants, when a human kills an animal, the animal suffers. It feels pain. And, it dies, but not in vain. For, the human eats it and becomes nourished, sustained and continue to grow, blossom and sow their knowledge upon the earth from the energy gained from the animal body. At the same time, plants have a form of consciousness. They understand they are alive. Some of them feel pain, although they cannot interact, move around and speak with humans in the same ways that animals can. They too feel the effects of being eaten by humans.

So, what to do? Humans on the earth plane who are seeking compassionate treading upon the earth, who wish to honor the consciousness of their fellow sentient beings, this is a tricky question indeed. And yet, the answers are so simple. But, they are so simple that the rational mind of the ego tricks the human into believing that they are not so. For you see, you all as humans have the power to be with just breath and water. Air and liquid and nothing more can sustain you forever more. It is a process of trust and deep relaxation, of faith and a looking inward of yourselves. Some folks on the earth plane have coined terms for this non-eating of animals and plants. And we see that it is possible for humanity to interact with the earth plane in this way. However, your brains, your minds, your egos self doubt, they get in the way. And, it requires an incredible amount of mind concentration to not eat any physical substance of consciousness. We are speaking in particular of some of the yogic masters of India who have lived for hundreds of years andย  who do not take sustenance of living creatures.

So while this is possible, it is hard for most of you to do. And, we say very clearly now, to you today that ultimately, it does not matter what you eat if you are eating with respect and acknowledgement to the consciousness of the being that gave its consciousness up for you to be sustained, for, very clearly we say to you that the form of the consciousness that you are eating still retains its consciousness after you have eaten it. It retains its consciousness in the ether much like a human soul after its body expires. The human soul continues with its consciousness and does not need a human form to exist, to be. The cow, the sunflower, the lettuce understands its consciousness to be in existence when it is in soul or energy form. It does not need its physical body of cow or leaf or seed to understand that it is a realized, actualized part of being in the universe.

So, we say to you humans who are asking how to sustain yourselves with food items that have a consciousness that you should be giving thanks to this consciousness that gives its life, its body, and by body we are talking about animal and vegetable. With respect, eat with grace. Say thank you to it at every meal, for, it is serving a purpose. It is helping you to move forward on your evolutionary path towards your own individual enlightenments. And, if you say thank you before each meal for the sacrifice that this consciousness has made for you, you will be tuning into the beautiful vibrations that bring forward the love, peace and harmony that is required for you to live in all the time so that you may move forward on the earth plane.

It is so complex, and yet, so simple, you see. Say thanks. Say thanks and let it be.

We wrap you all in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you just right. Anchor yourselves in love and light. Root yourselves every day and every night. Contain yourselves in the vessel of love. Surround your heart. Send it out like a dove. Banish hatred, anger and fear you see, for, these only detract from your essence of thee. We love you all. Each one of you, the human consciousness that does pursue perfection, growth, beauty, truth, enlightenment, and, we are here to say we are with you each and every day. Thank you for taking the time to listen to our message today. And, we say adieu, good bye for now and Namaste. We are the Council of Light, blessings, and mixed in between are spirit bodies of righteous light. We will come to you in times of need. Have no fear. We have a seed. A seed of love, a seed of light, to give to you, each day and night should you request, this seed of light. We have it ready. It will be right. Blessings, blessings dear ones and all. Blessings to you until we call upon Laura again to let us speak and say our words to all of you dear friends.


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