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The message this month is in response to the following question:

Our best of salutations to the Council of Light and to you, dear Laura. Our question is : There seems to be a law which is : You reap what you sow. So why many highly spiritual beings as Prophets or Saints suffered a lot at the hands of other human beings or in general ? May He bless us all. Namasthe

Here is the answer:

Many Prophets and Saints who walked the earth a long time ago, and who are currently walking the earth today in modern times, seemed to outwardly suffer at the hands of many when in fact inwardly they were strong pillars and solid to the core. For example, we take Jesus as a historical figure who preached peace and emanated loving blessings to all who came in contact with him.  Some were ready to receive the love and the blessings, and others were not. The one’s who were not were discordant with his energy field. They were on a different energy plane and they were not willing or ready to graduate to the level of higher energy that he was resonating. So, they chose to feel negativity, anger, hatred, etc. towards him. But, we say that he was such an evolved being that he understood this and still felt compassion for all no matter what was being thrown back at him energetically from the masses. He did not strive or thrive to reach or live in the positive energy waves that came back to him from those who understood and loved him. Nor did he strive to or thrive to live in the energy that was hateful, hurtful and negative because he lived in his own energy field with his own energy cord connected to the Divine in his own light. And, the people around him, whether positive or negative, did not sway, alter or bother his energy in any way.

It can seem that Saints who have prophetic messages now and who are receiving a lot of hate, or judgement or questioning, are being attacked.  And, from the people’s perspective of the energy being sent, they are trying to, whether they consciously realize or not, send negative energy to that person, for whatever reason. They don’t agree, they don’t feel the same energy wavelength, they don’t see the same perspective, they don’t have tolerance, they don’t believe, etc. But, the Saint is walking his or her own path and living according to his or her own Divine will and it does not matter what comes their way.

Hurtles, there are many, sure, for each person to get over.  Mother Theresa is a good example of someone who followed the Divine will of the energy she called God and she often times felt alone and burdened and saddened by her isolation and disconnection from others around her. And, this is because she was working from an energy point of very high connection to the Divine, and, her faith was continuously challenged. So, it appeared that she was suffering when in fact she was connected to the Divine and was able to see, hear, sense, feel the presence of God throughout her life.

You as energy beings in your own right can sense this connection to the Divine and as you begin to connect to it, it helps strengthen and grow the bond of higher energy in your life. The more you practice connecting the easier it becomes and the longer you can sustain. We will also point out here that some Saints and Prophets were on their own individual journeys through evolution, and reaching enlightenment just like all beings that are sentient upon the earth plane. And, some of them may have come up against extreme road blocks in their lives as tests, or hurtles, or ways to prove to themselves that they were in the presence of God and they were connected to the Divine. And, for some a very drastic polar opposite experience was needed to help get them over the hurtle, awaken them, make them jump so to speak, etc.

Every being’s understanding and limits of testing are unique. God energy does not play games and dangle string before humans like a mouse being caught like a cat. But, each individual being is tested and is able to rise above and to the next level throughout his or her life, given the different experiences he or she has. Saints and Prophets are highly evolved beings so sometimes their experiences are quite enormous, very powerful, almost earth shattering.

A person who is on their journey, who is not a Saint or Prophet, may have the same kind of earth shattering testing experience. But, it is not recognized because they are not famous. Their words have not been canonized. As soon as an energy experience that is hard is placed into someones life that person has a choice to learn from it, grow and gain knowledge and experience, or walk away from it. If they choose to walk away from it, there is nothing wrong with that, however, the lesson will keep repeating itself over and over and over again, in the person’s life or possible through many lifetimes until they learn the lesson. If the person chooses to learn from the hardship, then the lesson has been completed and the situations which arose to teach the person the lesson are no longer needed. So, that rough or perceived harmful, or perceived hurtful energy is dissipated forever from that person’s life because they no longer need it to help them grow and learn.

We see that you who asked this question are on a journey of your own. And that one of you is experiencing hardship in your life as a way to learn a lesson. Have no fear, the lesson is close to being realized. You shall persevere. Surround yourself with love and light and connect with your version of the Divine and you shall be alright.

So, with that, we say Namaste, adieu and goodbye for today for we are the Council of Light. We bring you energy blessings and good tidings across the earth plane. We are here to help humanity, grow, expand, learn, and co-create together. We work with you as a humanity from this group collective consciousness of ours. Some of us are individuals. Some of us are a collective group. And, together we form the Council of Light. We thank Laura for allowing us to come through her voice box and we honor the energetic continuum that is being co-created between us. And we look forward to next month’s message. We send you bright blessings and joy humanity. Thank you.

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