Divine Lotus Healing Essential Oils for Constipation Support

Essential Oils for Constipation Support

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Constipation is a condition characterized by infrequent or difficult bowel movements. A person is considered constipated if he or she has fewer than three bowel movements a week or if the stools are hard and difficult to expel. Common causes of constipation include lack of fiber, dehydration, ignoring the urge to have a bowel movement, depression, medications, large dairy intake, stress and abuse of laxatives. (Source (affiliate link): Modern Essentials: The Complete Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils 9th Edition)

When my son had surgery he was prescribed medication by the surgeon for pain management during his aftercare. While this was very much needed for diminishing the pain associated with the operation site, it caused an imbalance in his digestive system and he became constipated for two days. Yuck! So, I turned to my trusty Modern Essentials reference manual for some essential oil support as well as some konjac root to help his body ease its way back into alignment of a balanced digestive state. Here is the what I used:

Simple Solutions – Constipation Recipe

Combine one drop each of rosemary, lemon and peppermint essential oil

Mix with one tsp. (5 ml) of fractionated coconut oil

Massage gently onto stomach and back.

Additionally, two drops of Digestive Blend essential oil were added. The mixture was applied two times over the course of four hours to the bottoms of the feet, stomach and lower back.

I am happy to report that this process helped to support my son’s digestive system as it was coming back into balance from a natural wellness perspective.

Why These Oils?


Divine Lotus Healing Rosemary Constipation Support

Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Family: Mint

Parts Used: Leaves

Geographic Distribution: Cultivated worldwide in warm climates although native to the Mediterranean region

Uses: Rosemary contains volatile oils (including borneol, camphene, camphor, cineole, limonene, and linalool) which are responsible for its strong aroma; flavonoids; diterpenes; triterpenes; rosmaricine; rosmarinic acid; vitamin A (beta-carotene); vitamin C; and minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and zinc (Hoffman, 2003; Holmes, 1997; Foster, 1993). Rosemary is a well-known digestive tonic, antispasmodic, carminative, and cholagogue. It helps to relax and tone the stomach and is especially good for digestive upset resulting from mental tension, anxiety, and worry (Hoffman, 2003) due to its nervine action.


Divine Lotus Healing Lemon Constipation Support

Scientific Name: Citrus Limon

Family: Rutaceae

Parts Used: rind (peel)

Distribution: Grown in warm climates all over the world although native to Asia

Uses: Blood purifier, improves the body’s ability to expel toxins, useful for skin problems like acne and boils, rich in vitamin B and C, antifungal, antacid, antiseptic, aids digestion, one of the most powerful natural styptics; use on cuts and grazes to stop bleeding, antibacterial and antiviral properties. Lemons are excellent for halting the progression of infections, controls bladder and kidney infections (Source (affiliate link): Illustrated Encyclopedia of Healing Remedies)


Scientific Name: Mentha piperita

Parts Used: leaves

Distribution: widespread although native to Eurasia

Uses: Peppermint is a well-known digestive, antispasmodic, and carminative and is helpful for digestive disorders associated with pain and spasm, from gas and colic and cramps to diarrhea, due to its stimulating action on the digestive organs and its ability to relax tension. The bitters in peppermint help tone and cleanse the liver (McIntyre, 1996).

Digestive Blend

Divine Lotus Healing Digestive Blend Constipation Support

Scientific Name: None

Parts Used: This blend of essential oils is infused with Ginger, Fennel, Coriander, Tarragon, Anise, Caraway, and Peppermint essential oils, which combine together to help ease occasional stomach discomfort, maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract, and aid in digestion.* (Source)

Distribution: Global

Uses: Digestive Blend is well known for its ability to aid in digestion, soothe occasional stomach upset, and maintain overall digestive health when taken internally.* (Source)

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Get These Oils

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