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The Ghost and Home Renovation

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I have a Reiki client who recently asked if I could help her deal with a ghost in her new home that she was renovating, she had just finished adding the new roof after consulting Taylor Roofs. If you are looking to do the same then you could go to https://taylorroofs.co.uk. Anyway, she told me that while alone in the house late at night and tiling an upstairs bathroom she heard loud footsteps downstairs immediately followed by someone telling her, “Get your stuff and get out of my house!” After talking about it with her a bit we determined that I would come out to her house the next day.

That night I packed my psychic tool kit: sea salt and containers, Palo Santo incense, Tibetan singing bowl, buffalo drum, white sage and abalone shell, feather wand, Om Aura spray and Blissful Aura spray. I wasn’t sure how much I needed or if I was going to use all these items but I packed them all just in case!

The morning of the removal I was channeling the weekly channeled message when at the end my guides came through loud and clear about the upcoming event. They told me about the ghost and why he was doing what he was doing. They also made it clear that with respect on my part and an offering of peppermint candy (his favorite) he would go. I promptly picked up a bag at the drug store!

When I arrived at the house I got out of my car and looked at the home while trying to gauge the energy I was about to experience. The property held a Victorian rambler from the 1800’s on a sprawling acre and a half of land complete with a two car barn/garage and chicken coop out back. It was breathtaking.

My client met me at the bottom of the grand staircase in a foyer that led off in three directions to more grand rooms. As she walked me around through all the rooms it was clear that lots of construction work was being done. She explained that the home had been divided up into several small apartments and part of her work was to undo all the chopping up, making the home back into one large space again. I began picking up on many different layers of energy that had been built up over time and were stagnant in the rooms. I also felt that someone was watching us from afar but that they were weary of coming too close as we traveled from basement to attic and along three floors.

We ended the tour back at the grand staircase on the main floor. As we set energetic protection and discussed the next phase which would be making contact with the resident spirit, he made himself known to me by charging at me and standing right in front of my face. I acknowledged him and asked him to back up because he was too close to me.

The most important thing I wanted to get across to him was that he no longer had the right to inhabit the house the way he had been. And, I wanted to treat him with respect; after all it had been his home at one point. He showed me what the home looked like from his point of view and I could see why he wanted to stay. It looked as if nothing had changed from when he was alive. The furniture was all there, he was a collector and all his wooden ships and tinker junk items were strewn through the home. He knew he was dead and that he was staying put but what he didn’t see was that his stuff had been cleared out and that all the rooms were empty now.

I talked with him at length and explained the situation and why he was feeling uncomfortable with this new woman coming into his home and making changes. I had my client explain what she was doing and how she would be caring just as lovingly for the home now. As this happened his wife made her presence known; she had been waiting in the light for him to cross over for a long time and she was kind of miffed that he was being so stubborn. With the help of my guides and some more energy light work, he was persuaded to cross over by taking his wife’s hand and moving forward into the light.

When this was done my client and I both took a deep breath. The room felt lighter. Next, we walked through the entire house basement to attic and smudged and blessed. We made sure to walk the grounds and create an energy barrier along the property lines. We even cleared and blessed the barn and chicken coop. Both those buildings had sweet, gentle animal energy in them.

The entire experience lasted an hour and a half. For me it went quickly. I was glad to have helped two people that day; my client and an old man who was stuck. To date my client reports a better, lighter, cleaner energy in the home. It will only continue to grow as she infuses it with her own energy.

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