Council of Light Channeled Message Winter Solstice

December 19, 2010
Time: 10:00am
Topic: Winter Solstice and Light

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Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. We see that you have much work to do today so we will keep this message brief. We wish to say that there is an important day coming for many of you in the northern hemisphere and that day is the day when sunlight is shortest upon the earth plane and your earthly realm and the of nighttime is the longest. This day approaching falls upon December 21, 2010.

And, the reason we are acknowledging this day is because it is an energetic turning point for many, many of you. It is a day of reckoning, a day of wonder, a day of celebration, a day of joy. You should triumph because you have made it through the energetic sleeping period of darkness and after the 21st you shall be returning to the energetic period of waking up and days getting longer and light growing stronger.

You all do better when you function in light. And by “do better” we mean you feel better emotionally and energetically when there is sunshine. This is no accident. The human body is like a battery pack that needs to be recharged and the sun is the recharging cells. And, this is why many of you feel like bears hibernating in caves in the winter months.

We wish to say that not everyone adheres to this pattern but many of you do, most of you in fact. So, this upcoming December 21st is a day of celebration. You should light a candle, sing songs, be merry, light a fire or a bonfire or if you have no access to any of these things keep a light on late into the night in your dwelling.

Energetically, this is a portal; it is a very powerful day. Solstices are turning points and they are crossing new energy with energy that is closing down. And, this day is a day for feeling that energy. If you can, take time to meditate. Be specific about what is you wish to receive in your meditation, for your wishes shall be granted in some form or another.

We see that the general public does not take heed of this day in the ways that we are talking about for the most part. But, many of you who read our message understand what we are saying and you already have some kind of ritualized act upon this day. We applaud you and encourage you to keep continuing this tradition for ritual and specific craft of routine help to solidify, anchor and acknowledge the energy space that is sacred on this specific day.

We wish to point out that animals can feel this energy vibration change on this day as well. If you have pets, give them extra love. For those of you, who do forms of hands on healing; send that healing energy to your loved pets. And, encourage children to be a part of your ritual and routine if they are in your dwelling with you for they are sensitive open beings and they too can feel the energy shifting, the spiritual-ness of the day.

Honor and celebrate the fact that you have made it through another energetic sleeping period and that you are now beginning to turn and wake up metaphorically. Each time this is to happen it should be honored for your life path upon the earth plane is hard and is full of road blocks and stumbles. And, it is not easy to navigate your way through your life. And, we say that any time is a time for honoring and celebration. Experiencing being in a human body on the earth plane is a hard thing to do for many people in a myriad of ways. And, we celebrate and honor you.

We would now like to say bravo, job well done. Celebrate with light and love for your families and your pets. Thank you and adieu. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light, extra thick in this week of light, to help keep you and sustain you and buoy you along in this week ahead. Namaste and goodbye.


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