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 Book Review: Living With Spirit

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A friend introduced me to this book by saying, “I just finished reading this book about a woman who has had some amazing spiritual experiences in her life and it made me think of you.  I think you need to read this book!”  She was referring to Living with Spirit, Journey of a Flower Child by Peggy Kornegger. (Dog Ear Publishing, 2009)

As I read this short memoir of Peggy’s life, I found myself relating to many of the experiences she shared.  From a very early age, she was raised in a loving, supportive family who encouraged her to always do things in life that made her happy.  As a young adult, she began discovering the inherent spiritual patterns of everyday life by taking walks in nature and through meditation every day.  Eventually, being anchored out of the Boston area, the author traveled all over the world to swim with dolphins and whales.  And, later in life, after much “opening light work” done in her life, she traveled to famed Machu Picchu for some very intense spirit work.

One thing that struck me when I was reading this book was that I sensed a deep feeling of peace and calm every time I turned a page.  It was as if spirit had drawn me to this book and was hugging me as I read.  I kept having this feeling of “yeah, me too,” as she described being in relationship with spirit through her everyday life.

As I head into my summer schedule, with more time for myself, I am looking forward to longer periods of meditation, more connection with nature, and a deeper sense of being connected with spirit around me.  This was the perfect book to read to get me in the mood for summer!

Have you ever met someone like Peggy? Share your story in the comments!

Namaste, Laura