Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Happy Birthday to You

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Council of Light Channeled Message: Happy Birthday to You!
Saturday, June 19, 2010
Time: 8:05 am
Topic: Happy Birthday to You!

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Of note: After the channeling session was over, the COL had an interesting tid-bit about today’s session. I thought readers would enjoy it:

We wish to say that the 33rd recording (of my channeled sessions) on your 33rd birthday is no accident. We have designed it to be this way on purpose and we are glad that you recognize this. And, we see that you recognize the harmony and humor in it.

We wish to say that 33 is a wonderfully magic number. Angels are around when threes are near. And, any time there are double threes or triple threes it is the most intense experience of love form the angel source and the angel realm. Blessings to you on your birthday; from the Council of Light with much love and joy! Adieu.

Below, the message for the public begins:

Good morning Laura we are glad you are here. We can hear you just fine even though you are sitting outside. We find this appropriate for you today because nature is so important as it surrounds you always and we see that you are connecting in new ways with the nature beings in your backyard. And, we wish to say to you a most joyous and loving Happy Birthday! We have horns tooting and confetti being thrown and balloons galore. The angels are singing on high for you. We are glad for you today because it is a special day.

Why do humans celebrate birthdays? It is quite simple really. You celebrate because life is hard. It takes a lot for a spirit being to incarnate into the earth plane and many, many people wish to do this. We have told you before, and some of you will believe us when we say, there is a metaphorical line around the block of spirit beings lined up waiting to take their turn to incarnate on the earth plane. And, those of you who are already there in human form mark each passing year with a day of celebration from the day you were born.

It is natural for the soul to celebrate, for, where we come from celebration is a sense of joy and love and peace and harmony and we feel this sense all the time. We recognize that it is harder for humans to feel this twenty four hours a day on a daily basis because you have been given the gift of emotions and in your human forms you sometimes have to work through emotions that are painful or hard or dense or angry. Humans need to experience base energies that can be hard to process through and celebration happens for you every once in a while, and this is okay. Eventually, you will grow to a place in your individual lives where celebration feels like it is happening continuously. This is done through the attaining of wisdom and patience and virtue and harmony with the divine and all other beings. There are some humans who are able to live this way already. And, for a vast majority of you, you are working towards this goal. We applaud you all for your efforts and we wish to say to you that it is important that you continue on your life journeys of living and growing.

We are so pleased with you Laura for we have watched you grow in the last year with your business. You took a seed of an idea several years ago and you committed to learning all you could learn about it. You were dedicated and hardworking and you promised yourself that you would be open to the journey and the path no matter what happened. And, although you had high expectations, you did not set parameters, thus allowing the process to unfold in a way that naturally needed to unfold for you. As you may be aware, your soul contracted to do this work before you incarnated with the people in your family and the other beings that support you in your life, for the greater good of humanity. We are proud to see that one of our beings that we are in charge of keeping so to speak is doing quite well. You are like a flower blossoming in the radiant sunshine of the garden. You have made quick progress and we sense your joy and harmony around being able to help others heal themselves through holistic means.

And for our readers at large, we wish to say to you that you too can experience this kind of joy, maybe not through the means that Laura chooses, but through your own interests and skills. We ask you all, wether it is your birthday today or not, to pause and ponder what your soul wishes to do. Put aside your ideas about paychecks and providing for families and health care, for just a moment and ask your self what in this lifetime would make you truly happy, 100% complete and satisfied? Are you a person who likes to work with your hands and tinker with metal and dream of someday having a artisan shop that makes metal sculptures? Maybe you are a gardener with herbs in pots on your window sill and you wish to take this garden outside and create it on a master scale.

We wish to remind you all that this is possible, whatever you choose. For, you create your own lives and the choices you make enable you to be able to do all of these things that deep down in your hearts you wish could happen. Now, we hear right away that some of you may be saying, “I can’t do X because I have a baby to feed,” or “I can’t trek off to India like I desperately wish to become a meditative Sikh because my family would miss me.” And, we wish to validate these concerns and say that there are ways that you can do all of these things in moderation. Look for meditation classes in the area where you live. Join spiritual groups around your town. Take a cooking class. Look through the adult education catalogue that comes out in the spring or summer and take a metal working or woodworking class over the summer.

If you start small, as Laura did, and just go with the flow, you will enjoy the process of discovery. For Laura did not say to herself in the beginning that she would start a business. She said to herself, “I’m interested in learning about reiki,” and she committed to learning as much about it as she could over a period of time, with no intentions of ending at a certain point or going as far as she could, but along the journey, she decided that because she enjoyed the process so much she continued all the way to the level of Reiki Master Teacher. As we said before, it is important to repeat that she did not know ahead of time that she would use this Reiki Master Teacher level to help others heal themselves, in a professional way. She just knew that she was interested in learning about it and as she learned about it, doors and avenues and potential and possibility continued to open for her. And, we say to you that this is a model that you can use too.

It is important to continually stop and take stock of your lives, no matter how young or old you are. For, you must always be assessing how you feel about what you have chosen to do. Do you feel like you make good money surrounded by material things only to be frustrated by the level of happiness lacking in your life? Do you feel like you are just barely making ends meet and struggling to put food on the table and you find joy every day in your life? What are the goals that are important to you? What is happening now in your lives?

Consider your lives a blank canvas. Starting today and moving forward no matter how old you are or wherever you are, on your continuum of life, you get to make the choices. You get to call the shots.

We congratulate you all. First, for reading this message because somewhere deep down inside your being you are awakening to the processes in life that bring you joy. You may already be aware of some of those processes as we speak. And, we encourage you all to do what makes you the most happy in your lives. If humanity should do what makes them the most happy, on a soul level, then the energy of the planet will rise. And, with all this talk of 2012 coming, as we have spoken about before in earlier channel sessions, it will help the earth to transition to a new energetic structure that is higher on the ladder of enlightenment.

And, when we say that you should choose to do what makes your soul the most happy, we do not mean for material or possession wealth, although these two items can be very tempting. We do not suggest that you end up as poor beggars along the side of the road in full enlightenment, with no clothing and no food, for that has as much disparity as the overindulgence and overabundance of shoes in a closet or yachts in the Mediterranean that fill harbors with gasoline and oil. There are inherent problems with both ends of the spectrum, or should we say issues. And, we are suggesting that you find a happy medium through the middle. It can be done. We are witness to it.

And, we are here to help along the way. We specifically work with Laura and through her to come to you each week, on Saturdays typically (with transcription and posting to the DLH blog on Sundays). And, we will tell you that you all have guides of your own who work with you in the backgrounds of your lives. Some of you may be aware of them and some of you have yet to awaken and learn who they are. It may be an unfamiliar concept for you to ask an energy being whom you can’t see for help, but we ask that you trust and continue with this process of unfolding and that little by little you will begin to see signs from your spirit helpers.

Nature plays a big role in divining signs in your lives. Should you have unusual animal encounters no matter where you live, ponder what this means for you. It is okay to look up in books the meanings of these animals but please remember that whomever the author is makes meaning for themselves and shares that with the world and it might not resonate with your meaning. So, it is important to gather as much information as possible and then make the meaning for yourself. We see that Laura shares this meaning of animals through reference books with her clients and while this is terrific, it is purely a jumping off point for the client to take that information and meditate with it and make the meaning of it on their own.

We have several people here who wish to say hello to Laura on her birthday and we will now take a private moment for her.

So, thank you for your time today dear readers and Laura. We wish to give you the most wonderful, heartfelt blessings of joy. And, know that trumpets play on high from the angel realm for you, signifying the love we have for you. And, we share our connection of energy with you fully and all you need to do is draw on that to receive its benefit. Adieu. We are the Council of Light, the keepers of knowledge, the providers of harmony and peace. And, we wish to say goodbye as we wrap you in a beautiful golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Thank you, and until next week, goodbye.

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