Reiki Level One Students Share Their Experience After Class
Divine Lotus Healing | Reiki Level One Students Share Their Experience After Class


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After being attuned to Reiki in Western Usui Reiki Level One, I strongly encourage students to practice Gassho meditation and participate in a 21 day energy cleanse to help integrate the Reiki fully into their beings. Here are some of the things the last group of students noticed when practicing:

I am loving the new me! To be honest, I was a little skeptical that the attunement could produce any noticeable effects–boy was I wrong!!! Thank you so much for sharing this gift with me!!!!

[I feel] A sense of inner peace, which seems to be growing!

[I feel] Joy… not just for myself but for others too! My heart is full today… it’s a great feeling.

I completely enjoy listening to the buzzing sound of the energy body. Good stuff!

Not sure why, but the last several days the “heat” has been concentrated in my face…

I had for the past three days now, a body itchy/crawling sensation.

I have felt extra warm lately both in my body as well as my hands. During day one while working on my crown chakra, I felt significant heat throughout my head and shoulders. Very cool! Sending Reiki into chakras seems to be a very effective way to stimulate the energy body.

I felt heat in my solar plexus and throat today. Yesterday it was my third eye. The energy seems to be moving around a lot.

I just wanted to share some great experiences I have been having during this energy cleanse. I am currently training for a half marathon in May and have been struggling with ankle problems. During a long run the other day, my legs and ankle started to buckle under the strain – however I knew intuitively that I should push through it and I was fully capable of finishing that run (my longest ever to date – 2 miles more than I’m used to). I started to meditate and was beaming Reiki energy (yes while running) to the sore spots on my legs. I think I was the only runner that I saw that day who ran with open palms – must’ve looked funny! I also envisioned the [Reiki first level] symbol wrapping my ankles and feet. By doing this, I felt a surge of rejuvenation and was able to complete my run without feeling like I was going to collapse!

It has also been helpful to put the [Reiki first level] symbol on my bike as protection when I ride through some dangerous roads in the city.

I have also been confronting some deep rooted emotional blockages that have been surfacing in my dreams – however through my dreams I am given witness to how they play out in the real world and observe how they manifest.

I am very grateful for this practice, and am really looking forward to being able to help family and friends through Reiki.