Divine Lotus Healing How to Use Reiki to Support Eyes

How to Use Reiki to Support Eyes

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A blog reader recently submitted this question for how to use Reiki to support eyes, specifically treating glaucoma, which is a condition of increased pressure within the eyeball, causing gradual loss of sight. She writes, “How can I clear my eyes of glaucoma by doing reiki practice?”

Great question… So first off, let me just say / get this out of the way: I’m not a medically trained or certified person so I cannot answer you legally from a place of claiming Reiki can cure glaucoma. The FDA doesn’t like that. They, rightly so, are very clear about how health and wellness folks communicate about all the things we use for wellness. To my knowledge, there are no studies PROVING Reiki can change glaucoma, so I can’t write a post saying Reiki WILL affect it.

However, with that said, in my experience over the years with Reiki (both on a personal level and with clients) the more it is used consistently, the more balance and centeredness can happen – on many levels; physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

When we invite Reiki into our being on a regular basis, we invite a return to vitality, stability and wholeness. With the understanding that Reiki is life force energy (in its simplest form), when we apply it to ourselves we are continually inviting the energy of dysfunction to move into a state of harmony.

How To Use Reiki to Support Eyes

In thinking about the eyes, you might consider treating them during your self Reiki treatment every day. Notice the byosen; stay on the eyes during temperature fluctuations. You may find that you are treating the eyes for the entire session, without moving to other parts of the body. This is okay. It’s what is needed in the moment. For example, it is common during client sessions for me to rest my hands on one area of the body for half the time, or even the entire session. (This is why it’s a good idea to chat with folks about what is happening in the body before the session begins, so you get a sense of where your hands might be hanging out. People know themselves best, even if we can find the byosen. It takes the guess work out of it.)

The Process

Sit upright with your arms supported by pillows so they don’t get tired

Alternatively, lie down and use pillows for propping if needed

Cup both hands over your eyes 

Leave for as long as byosen is present

Record Keeping

Record what you notice after each session. Include the following in a notebook or journal (or DOWNLOAD the freebie below):

Date of session

Time of session (both start and end times)

Byosen levels

Emotions present

Physical sensations

In this way, you will create a record of your wellness journey. Looking back at it over time you may notice patterns or changes in your eyes. It is also a very handy tool to take with you to ophthalmology and or doctors appointments! In my experience here in the Boston / Cambridge metro area, our hospitals understand Reiki to be a supportive wellness care tool. Many of them have Reiki volunteer programs (many of my Reiki students have participated in them and it’s great to hear back from them during follow up about their experiences).

New freebie in the works! Stay tuned!

I’m curious to know, has anyone else ever had experience in using Reiki to support eyes? Please share a comment!

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