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The Thanksgiving meal was over. Stuffed to overfull, people pushed their chairs away and moved into the living room. Relaxation, sprawled out on couches and across chairs while playing board games was up next to help aid in the digestion of the rich meal just consumed.

While the room was filled with laughter and joy and people played fun games together, the six year old sat on the end of the couch holding her stomach. She was grimacing.

I don’t feel well. I feel like my tummy is going to throw up.

Reiki to the rescue!

I moved her to a quiet spot in the house so she could lay down. Placing my hands on her tummy the Reiki began to flow. I didn’t tell her I was giving her Reiki, it just flowed.

She became very still and quiet. She stopped moaning. After a couple of minutes she said, “Your hands are so warm. I like it!” I kept the Reiki flowing.

After about 10 minutes, she said, “I feel better now. Can I get up and play?” With that, she literally bounded back to the family and gamesĀ in the living room; where she proceeded to eat carrot sticks and hop around like a bunny.

She had no other issues with her tummy for the rest of the evening!

Namaste, Laura