Is Reiki Lineage Important?

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By knowing the lineage of Reiki we can track the history of how it changes over time now that it is growing and becoming more mainstream in the world.

Knowing lineage honors the teachers and elders who came before us. The master teachers who came before us worked hard to bring us the knowledge that we now have and we should express gratitude, for, without them we would not be on our own paths today.

Knowing lineage provides a line of knowledge from which to work from.

Knowing lineage adds credibility to the process of learning Reiki; to see who our teacher was taught by and their teacher and their teacher etc.

Just like a higher learning institution with history and lineage, it is important to know how long the information has been circulating and flowing through the generations.

Knowing lineage provides us with insight into what line of Reiki we have studied because at this time there are over 450 different kinds of Reiki out there in the world. We can see where our line came from, how it morphed from another line of Reiki and how it relates to the general umbrella concept of Reiki.

Knowledge is power.

In 100 years when people look back to this time, there will be a documented, credible line of communication about the process of Reiki and how it worked in the beginning of the 2000’s.

As we look back now, it is hard to find documented, credible information about Mrs. Takata and her connection to the Japanese Reiki. Much of what we know comes from a few sources and is widely misunderstood. Thus, we need to do a good job of documenting our current work.

Lineage is like a family tree. Family trees hold incredible emotional value for people. Who are the people in our Reiki family? Documenting Reiki lineage will help us to answer this question.