Energy Insights Podcast Episode Two What Is Reiki

Energy Insights Podcast Episode Two What Is Reiki

Energy Insights | Episode 2 | What Is Reiki?

In episode number two we tackle the question, “What is Reiki?”. We also explore tonglen meditation and discuss the Dalai Lama’s 80th birthday!

On a related note, this podcast episode is being released on Usui Sensei’s birthday! How fitting that Cathy and I delve deeply into the question, “What is Reiki” on a day like today!


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Laura West, M.Ed., is a Western Buddhist practicing and teaching Reiki at the Master level from a Japanese perspective. She is a trained herbalist, spiritual counselor and professional medium, actively channeling the Council of Light. She helps people discover their innate wisdom and healing capacity through her work. She has been featured on the Gaiam TV blog, Herbal Academy, Achieve Radio's Walking the Path Show, Celebration of Reiki, among others. BONUS RESOURCE: sign up for the DLH newsletter to get your FREE Reiki printable! Om Mani Padme Hung.

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