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I’m currently working with a client who has a tear in the muscle of their hip area. After their first hour long session they reported the hip area felt “better” immediately. In the following two days they reported feeling discomfort in the hip, low back and side leg; suggesting to them that the concentrated energy of the painful hip area was spreading out or loosening. After a second session they reported feeling “good” in the hip area altogether. Anecdotal evidence!

While they report after each session that the hip feels better, not so tight, etc., they also are exploring having surgery via Western medicine to repair the tear. I am all for this. Western medicine sometimes IS what is needed to help us heal.

Currently, we don’t know if Reiki can help fuse muscle tears back together. It hasn’t been documented scientifically (to my knowledge). I’m not saying it cannot happen. There is simply no evidence that supports it- yet. While we wait for this evidence to prove or disprove itself, my client still has this pain – now – in this moment in their life.

And, they have an option to fix it- Western medical surgery. As a practitioner of energy medicine (Reiki) I am not a licensed medical professional. I cannot council people on making decisions about their health. So, if they choose surgery as the best option for themselves, I support them on their journey.

Medical professionals in the Boston area (and beyond) know the benefits of Reiki support after surgery. This client of mine’s hip doctor is actually Reiki attuned himself and recommended that my client try Reiki during this process!

If you ever come across a Reiki practitioner who says “Western medicine is bad,” consider finding a new practitioner. The two worlds (Western & Eastern) can, and often do, compliment each other nicely. There is not a “one way fits all” or “Eastern treatment only” or “Western treatment only” approach that is best.

Namaste, Laura