Red Clover (Trifolium pratense)
Red Clover 101 | Divine Lotus Healing
Common Names:

  • Wild clover
  • cleaver grass
  • marl grass
  • cow grass
  • trefoil
  • purple clover

Parts Used: Flowering tops and sometimes the leaves


  • depurative
  • detergent
  • alterative
  • mild stimulant
  • detoxifier


  • warm tea is soothing to the nerves
  • eases chronic chest issues (coughs, colds, bronchitis)
  • rich in minerals (most notably: calcium, nitrogen, iron)
  • good for all skin conditions as a detoxifier
  • blood purifier
  • anti-tumor formula
  • treats children’s asthma
  • mild expectorant


Red clover is a natural blood thinner due to the compound called coumarin that it carries. People with blood clotting disorders (hemophilia, thin blood, etc.) should not use it. For women who are pregnant, check with your healthcare provider – if she says it’s okay to take aspirin (a blood thinner) you may feel comfortable using red clover on occasion. I have come across no research that says it is harmful to pregnant women.

Namaste, Laura


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All herbal information offered through Divine Lotus Healing is meant for education, information and reference instruction only. Please seek the guidance of a healthcare professional before treating yourself medicinally with herbs.