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The Haunted Open House

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When I was looking to buy my first home, I went house hunting one Sunday afternoon – in the pouring, soaking, drenching rain. It was actually a great day to go because it had been raining for so long I could see which houses had roof leaks and which had flooded basements – and there were quite a few of those!

I had five houses on my list, all in towns I adored, in neighborhoods I could see myself living. This haunting takes place in the last house I toured that day. It was Big. Grand, even. Lots of windows. Dripping with woodwork details and charm. I liked the looks of it from the outside…

I pulled up to a beautiful 4×4 colonial built in 1880. It was charming with yellow painted wooden clapboard, wooden shutters on all windows of the two-story box frame, big yard, detached garage, even a bonus swimming pool!

When I walked into this house it felt really old, with layers of life on all the walls. I began picking up on the energy of the home right away. There were several couples walking around the place as I entered. The realtor smiled broadly and greeted me with a cheery hello.

As I walked through the first floor I started feeling like there were more people in the home than were actually there – as if they were inside the walls or something. I slowly made my way upstairs to the second floor – two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a tiny cedar lined room that was being billed as a bedroom but was really only big enough for a closet! Ha!

My skin was prickling at this point – a sign for me that spirit is near. As I stepped into the cedar lined room (closet!) my husband turned to me and said, “Someone died here. Do you feel them?”

All at once it hit me square in the face. There was an old man on the second floor of the home who was really angry that there were all these people in his house. I could see him in my psychic mind’s eye. He was tall and thin from a long life of hard work and not enough protein. He had a dour look on his face and he stood with a cane as he slightly hunched over.

He came at me and was yelling something but I couldn’t hear what he said. I walked out quickly and wandered into the rest of the upstairs rooms. They all had his energy in them. He was angry and upset that his home was being invaded. It was strange to feel this energy – he knew he was dead. And yet, he was still attached to the home as if it was his. It had been generations since his family lived there. He held a tight emotional grasp on the house and didn’t want anyone to interrupt it. As you can imagine, it didn’t give me the most cozy feeling!

As I left the house I felt like I had been imprinted upon – like a piece of the man came with me out of the home. (This can sometimes happen because spirit can sense that psychic mediums can sense them!) On my way out the front door, I heard the realtor telling someone downstairs that the field stone basement was gushing water up to your knees (yikes!) and that this property was most likely going to sell to a contractor who would rip it all down and build new.

As I sat in my car, I did a blessing and cleansing to make sure any energy that had attached to me was released and not carried home with me. I had a pang of sadness in my heart for this man who had clearly loved his home while he was alive. And now, all these years later, he is still there for whatever reason and won’t (or can’t) leave.¬†When his home is torn down, he may still be there, attached to the land, angry and bitter about the invasion of his privacy and life. I wonder what it will be like for the new people who own the home, or land. Will they sense him as I did?

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Namaste, Laura