Divine Lotus Healing | Book Review: Beings of Light

Book Review: Beings of Light

This is a true story about a woman who had contact with light beings for over 40 years!


The book Beings of Light by Peter Guttilla chronicles Dorothy Izzat – a woman who for the past 40 plus years has been making contact with what she calls “Light Beings” in her home in Canada. She claims to have thousands of hours of 8mm film documentation and countless photographs of these beings. There is even a movie about her contact with these light beings.


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Dorothy has a gentle and happy feel towards the light beings. She is also practical and down to earth about the entire situation, realizing that it sounds impossible. Yet, she has documented footage of light that is not human made shining into her home.


I first heard about this woman through a paranormal podcast. When I read the book, it was lovely. Not scary at all. Not even creepy. There is controversy out there in the hardcore investigation world about this being a hoax. If it is, I am not bothered. It is a fascinating concept. If it is real, I applaud her for getting her story out there. If it is fake, well then, it is a well written science fiction quick read!


Namaste, Laura