Reiki Helps Increase Range of Motion in Shoulder Injury Divine Lotus Healing | Reiki Helps Increase Range of Motion in a Shoulder Injury



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This is an anecdotal example of how Reiki can help heal physical ailments. With permission, I share below an account of one client’s experience, written in her own words. We held weekly distance sessions that were mostly focused on her injured shoulder and arm area. The sessions were 30 minutes long and they continued over a couple of months.

Here is her account:

“I was guided to Laura’s website after deciding for myself that my intention was to heal an injury to my left arm and shoulder with Reiki. I set up my first session with Laura and as soon as she began the distance session I felt the energy working on my left arm. It felt as though I was having an actual procedure like surgery. My arm felt hot and also sore. I was amazed that right after the initial long distance session I was able to lift my arm up over my head as I had lost some mobility in my arm after the injury. I began to schedule weekly sessions with Laura and they have proved to bring healing and more mobility to my arm. I am now able to also extend my arm behind me which before was too painful to do. The sessions with Laura have also helped in releasing stagnant emotional energy that I’d been holding on to that needed release. In each session I’m able to feel the Reiki energy pulsating in and around my arm. I feel confident that through Reiki I will heal this injury and also bring forth more self awareness.”

Namaste, Laura