Divine Lotus Healing | Birds and Psychic Openings


Birds and Psychic Openings

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When a person is opening their psychic senses birds will often show up in their lives at unexpected times.

For example, when I was first learning how to do this psychic work on a technical level (through professional psychic development classes like the one I teach now, even though I’ve been a medium and channel since birth) I found that birds would swoop down along the sides of my car and fly along my doors as I traveled.

Sometimes they would fly across the hood of my car- all kinds from large to small.  Once, sadly, one bird even flew into my tires while I was driving on the highway… it didn’t end well for the bird and it startled me.

The symbolism point I’m making here is that:

on a shamanic level, birds in flight can help us soar to new levels with our psychic senses and abilities.

For those of you who are developing your abilities, what have you been experiencing? Please share in the comments below, or come to a psychic and spiritual development class sometime. I’d love to meet you in person!

Namaste, Laura