Divine Lotus Healing | My Grandma and the Mockingbird a True Spirit Story

My Grandma and the Mockingbird a True Spirit Story

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When I was a small child, my grandparents lived on three acres of land on the banks of a large river in a rural part of my state. They had lots of diverse animals that came to visit them such as deer, opossum, egret, fox, and several variety of birds. My favorite was the mockingbird because we did not have any that lived near my home. I used to love going to my grandparents property and listening for the unique calls of the mockingbird. I would walk the property and enjoy the long diverse calls that were trilled out.

Fast forward to my adult years. My grandfather still lives on the three acres of land and reports many wonderful animal sightings. I have moved farther away, practically to the other end of the state from my grandparents home, and there is not as much wildlife diversity where I live now.

A few years ago my grandmother crossed over into spirit. When she did, an amazing thing happened in my neighborhood. I began hearing the sounds of a mockingbird trilling out his call every day for hours at a time. This began right around the time of her passing which was in March. It continued through that entire bird season and right up to migration time in the fall. I had never heard a mockingbird in my neighborhood before her passing. Every time I heard it, the sounds brought memories flooding back into my mind of when I was a little girl and I would play on the property of my grandparents home. I also chose to take this bird as a sign from my grandmother that all was well with her and she was showing me she was in a good place.

Now, each year around March, a mockingbird appears in my neighborhood. I have come to rely on it as a sign from my grandmother in spirit. I call on her for support when I need it and the mockingbird is one way she lets me know she is with me.

Several years ago, I was changing day jobs, moving from one teaching arena to another. After a long string of synchronistic experiences, I landed in the job I was supposed to have although I just did not know it yet. That fall as I prepared for students to arrive, a mockingbird showed up in the trees outside my windows, chirping and trilling away. I took it as a sign that my grandmother was with me through this transition and helping to support me as I started something new in my life.

And, when I moved into my Reiki office space, during that first birding season, in the middle of a Reiki session with a client, who showed up? Yes, the mockingbird!  It trilled outside the window during the hour long session and brought me joy.  It was as if my grandmother was sending me a blessing of approval; she liked the office and the work I was doing.

Now, when I call on her, my grandmother will often send me a mockingbird to let me know she is around or that she is supporting me. It is a wonderful feeling for me because the mockingbird carries so much meaning from my childhood!


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