Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Can Spirit See Us All the Time

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: Can Spirit See Us All the Time?
Saturday, October 9, 2010
Time: 2:57pm
Topic: Reader Question Answered about Spirit Contact

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Reader Question:

A question for the council. When someone has passed and is the spirit realm, do they see everything happening in the lives of those they have left? As a child, I felt distressed at the idea that perhaps my grandfather who had passed could see me at all times — even when I was misbehaving — and that we would think much less of me. Does this depend on how advanced they are? You’ve said that you are beyond judgments about humans, but is this also true of all souls in the spirit realm?

Council of Light Answer:

Well, good day to you Laura. We can see that this is a perplexing question to the person who asked. And, we are so grateful that you address it here in this format because you are not the only one to ever wonder about this topic, which is that of what happens to our loved ones? Where do they go when they die? How can they make contact with us? How frequently? When? Where? And we wish to say that spirit, that of a loved one who is in soul form who has expired from their physical body and returned to the soul state, is sometimes called a ghost by humans who are alive on the earth plane in a human form.

Most ghosts are just harmless souls who have crossed back over from human form into spirit form. And, sometimes you as individuals know who they are. For example, the grandfather mentioned above is in spirit form and he can interact with his family, should he choose to do so. And, by his family we mean the people who are still in physical form on the earth plane. He is not required to do so, charged to do so, he does not have a task to carry out and most people who are in spirit body don’t as well. For you see, when they die and return to soul form, they return to groups of other souls whom they know and whom they hang out with, rejoice with, for it is a reunion of sorts. They have not seen those souls, perhaps, for a very long time. And, they have communities in which they reside with these souls. And they have tasks, jobs, daily routines, much like here in your earthly field, that take them away from you. This is not to say that they never check in, for they do.

They come to your side when you request their presence. Whether you can feel them or not, they are always there. They come to give you support when you are sad or depressed and sometimes angry and just like us here in the Council of Light they cannot interfere with your life. They can only offer support. They cannot do things for you but they can let you know that they are nearby.

Some of the ways they do this is by moving objects in the home, playing a song on the radio for you that makes you think of them, visiting you physically out of the corners, or in rare cases straight in front of you, of your eyes. Sometimes they bring a scent that triggers a memory. Sometimes they are so physically close that you get a feeling that they are with you and you just “know.” More often than not, you will not see them with your naked eye for it takes a tremendous amount of energy and effort on a soul spirits part to manifest physically in this way. And, they would much rather put their energy towards giving you love and support than putting their energy towards manifesting themselves physically, although they do do this sometimes.

As to the question of whether they can see you doing things at all times, spirit, your departed loved ones, do have the capability to watch and see what you do. All the time. And, this means everything from sleeping to eating to bathing to intercourse to misbehaving, as the person referenced above in their question. However, we wish to tell you very clearly that much like the boundaries that this person had with these private actions while they were alive, they carry them through into the soul world. They do not, for the most part, enjoy watching someone go to the bathroom because they understand that it is considered in most parts of the world a private act and the person needs their sacred space.

There is a caveat to this however. And that is that just like different people with different personalities who are walking around on the earth, when they cross into spirit form they have that same personality. So, somebody with boundary issues, or somebody with a mental disability or mental unrest, may carry this forward into their spirit form state. And, there are spirits whom we call “tricksters” whom wish to have rouge fun and they will try and startle a person by making themselves known in ways that your society deems inappropriate. And, although there is no harm that can be done to the person, we do not mean to say to you that you are never watched during your private actions. For the possibility may be that you have been at some point in your life. You are typically not under any harm when this occurs and most of you probably have not even noticed.

We can see that this may make some of you uneasy and we wish at this time to offer you some suggestions for how to set up an energetic boundary around you so that spirit is not walking in, around and through your life pell-mell, willy nilly. We suggest that you do an energy cleanse and you set an energetic boundary around the perimeter of your home. And, clearly state that only the highest and best in love and light and wisdom may cross over that boundary line. There are many techniques you can use to do this; burning of incense and wafting it through a space or beating a drum and walking around through a space or mentally visualizing light stimulation coming down from the sky, entering through the crown of your head and coming out your hands and beaming a light wall around the perimeter of a space, all help to cleanse and clear and protect.

When this is done only the loved ones that you know will be able to step over the threshold and if there are family members whom you wish not to have contact with, name them outright as part of the group that you wish not to enter your world. We highly recommend everyone doing this whether you can sense spirit or not because it will help energetically to keep the spaces where you dwell clean.

Getting back to the question at hand; in terms of the spirit loved one judging you for your misdeeds or not, they once were human and they are continuing on their evolutionary path towards enlightenment and just with their humanity, they are able to carry judgment into the spirit world. When we reference the fact that we hold no judgment of human actions it is because we come from a very high vibratory space and there is no need for those kinds of actions feelings or emotions where we are from. And, when a loved one crosses into spirit form most often they are not crossing into this same energetic space from which we come to you today because they have not reached enlightenment. So, they bring their judgments into the next space which is their soul form space. And, all you need to do is think about whether they would have approved of what you are doing when they were alive or if they would have disapproved what you are doing and then apply that answer to them in spirit.

When a person crosses over into spirit form they have the ability to become a changed person meaning if they were cranky or angry or grumpy or they had a short temper in their human body, they have the option of leaving all of this behind when they are in spirit form. And, some choose to do so for it strips away all the baggage and leaves them at their purest essence. And, some spirit enjoy this. There are those however, more common than not, who choose not to let go of some of this, what we are calling “baggage” for now, because it is a way for them to identify themselves to you so that when they make themselves known to you through a psychic medium or impressions in your own mind, you can recall the specific markings of their personality from when they were alive and it helps you to identify them. A grandmother who kept a clean home and cooked meatballs all the time will still carry that sense of being a cook into her spirit form, even though there is no need for her to cook food because spirits don’t eat tangible food obviously. She will however retain this as part of her identity so that the grandchild who senses her or is getting a message through a medium can understand that this is in fact their own grandmother.

And likewise, a father who had a quick temper through his bodily lifetime will sometimes show his quick temper to help the family understand that it is him. Often spirit in general will understand that having this kind of detrimental ability during their human form caused suffering and they are now able to see how much pain they caused for their loved ones. And, they will be able to perspective take and say they are sorry for any of the pain that was caused. We do not mean to suggest that those of you who are wishing for an apology from a loved one who is now in spirit form should rush out and demand one, for, if the spirit is not ready to understand that point of view or they are still not ready to accept any wrong doing on their part, you will not receive an apology or a change in actions from them in any way. They truly really are just like humans only they are in light energy bodies.

So, to recap: yes loved ones who are in spirit form can see you all the time. No, most of them choose not to because they honor the privacy boundaries that were inherent in their living physical lives. They have free will. They have friends. They have social groups that they are interactive with in spirit form, just like when they were in living earthly bodies. They will continue to show you markers of identification that resonate with you, so that if they were a drunk, they will show you their alcoholism as a way to remember who they were or recognize who they are. And, if they always kept a certain kind of flower in the house they will bring that kind of scent to you so that you can know who they are. And, it is important for you to set an energy boundary around your perimeter of your property, whether it be inside or outside or both, and your workplace and your car or your mode of transportation.

So this is all for today and we expect that you will have many more questions and you will begin to ponder many more possibilities for how to interact with your loved ones when they cross over into spirit form. And, we ask that you approach us with your questions so that we may be able to answer them for you once again. Until next week, we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you so that you may remain buoyantly balanced, healthy and infused with clean energy throughout the week ahead. Namaste.


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