Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Good vs Evil

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: Good vs. Evil
Sunday, October 17, 2010
Time: 8:16am
Topic: Reader Question Answered About Good vs. Evil


Reader Question:

I’ve been reading through all of the council’s past messages. I understand that many of our trials and tribulations in life are part of our soul’s efforts to have various particular learning experiences, and that souls may contract with one another to share certain relationships and experiences together for learning purposes. My question is, how important to our soul’s advancement along its path is behaving “morally” (for lack of a better word). Although I’ve seen some references to the fact that “good behavior,” so to speak, moves you along your path more quickly, it seems to be presented as less important in the long run than seeking knowledge and understanding from many different perspectives and experiences. If a soul is both a victim and a perpetrator of “x bad behavior” in consecutive lives — and so has seen that issue from multiple perspectives and with a resulting greater understanding — is that soul really better off than it would be never having been a perpetrator at all? Or must the soul’s good behavior, in order to be beneficial, spring from a knowing and very conscious rejection of evil because the evil is thoroughly understood (rather than just blindly avoided in the course of obeying religious edicts)? Thank you.

Council of Light Answer:

Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. We see that this question is a complex one sent in by a reader who is very diligent. We applaud this person for thoroughly researching all that we have said in the past and we highly recommend that others do the same. It is beneficial to review the words of spirit in this way because we are helping humanity and many of you as humans have these same questions. And, we will be happy to answer them for you all again at later times but we encourage you to look back first at what we have already said. Now, moving on to today’s question.

It is not possible for a human being to become enlightened without having understanding of perspective. And, what we mean by this is the person must be able to integrate into every fiber of their being the ideas, notions and concepts of both sides of a story so to speak. A person like the Buddha, whom we would like to say is here today on the Council with us and is speaking universally as a part of the “us”, was alive in human form as Siddhartha Gautama at one point on the earth plane in a man’s body. He was able to rest his body under a tree and contemplate All That Is. And, he was able to understand All That Is, and from every perspective possible, hence in one lifetime he became enlightened. He rose to a very high vibratory rate with his soul energy body and he is now a part of our realm, teaching and returning to earth to help spread this understanding from his spirit body. And of course, by his “spirit body”, we just put that label on to make humans understand, but really he is pure loving light, just like the rest of us.

He, the Buddha, did not need to live each experience, each painful moment of understanding. He did not need to be the perpetrator or the victim to understand the meaning, the bigger picture, the way it impacts a human’s life karmic-ly, etc, etc, etc. And, we will be clear here and tell you that his rapid understanding of the way this process works is rare. Most humans in fact do not have the same rapid understanding experience and become enlightened in one lifetime. It is possible to do so. But, it is hard for most of you and thus you do not do so. Instead, for most humans, you must learn through your actions. And, many of you are highly evolved enough to realize that violence, greed, sexual misconduct is not okay and by okay we mean it is not helping you on your path towards growth and evolution and enlightenment. You may not realize this in your conscious mind with these exact words but you realize that it is “bad” or “not good.” Draw from whatever religious language you wish to or whatever spiritual language you wish to or whatever moral language you wish to to make this meaning of good vs. bad. For, it is all the same in the end. It all conveys the same meaning.

And, conversely, there are lots and lots of humans who do not have or share this same understanding. Their judgment is clouded. Their mind is covered. Their perspective is skewed. And, they are filled with a certain emotion that is taking over their entire being which propels them to do acts of subtle aggression or anger or violence towards others and they do not see the value in how this is harming their cosmic evolution. These people as we have said many times before and we see that humans have a hard time understanding are not bad people within themselves. We will provocatively state now that Hitler as you all know him was not a bad human being during his lifetime. He chose to do very terrible things to other humans and as a result is now learning from those lessons as he reviews that particular lifetime. And, when he is ready to incarnate again, he will be incorporating the lessons he learned about how to treat humans fairly and with equity and justice and purpose into his every day actions. He will most likely not choose to come back to the earth plane in the body of someone who is in charge or a person in control, but more of a person who is an every day average human being and who chooses to treat his fellow surrounding humans with dignity and respect. He is still in a process of review. And, he will incarnate when he is ready.

So, we say to you now that when a person is angry or greedy or violent they are not understanding consciously that they must experience this side of the situation in order to understand both perspectives so that they can move forward. They actually are stuck in one place and this is a place of sheltered understanding. For example, many high ranking religious leaders and top political officials in the United States who hold the same edicts and values about religious faith and who believe that the entire country of beings should follow their same dogma are pushing forward and helping to make rules and regulations and legislation that serves their particular needs. And, they are not taking into account any other values, ideas, beliefs or systems because they feel that their values, ideas, beliefs and systems are “correct and right and true.” So, they are pushing forward with what they think is best. They are very public and very powerful people yet they are coming from a very sheltered place of understanding. For, they are not able to branch out and take perspective of others. If they were truly comfortable with their own beliefs they would be able to stand side by side with somebody else who believes different ideas, values, about this concept of “GOD” and spiritual being, whom we shall talk about at another time. And, they would feel comfortable in their own skin, holding their own beliefs and letting everyone else be, but, they are not, and hence you have the policies that you have now in your country because of their behind the scenes actions. It is the same with many religious practices in the east and this network of global terrorism that is on the rise. Many of these groups cannot perspective take and they view their ideas as the singular and only way to navigate through life.

When all of these people are physically dead and in their soul form they all will be able to rationalize, scrutinize, reevaluate, perspective take upon their actions in this current lifetime on the earth plane. And, for some of them they will come to an understanding that they were limiting themselves and consequently others by their singular views of right and wrong. And, they will see that in order to grow they should practice in a future lifetime understanding tolerance and perspective taking. And they will choose to incarnate again to do so. And yet, others of them will not be ready to let go of their strong convictions and they will continue to hold these very narrow singular ideas and by us saying these are narrow and singular ideas we do not wish to imply that they are bad or wrong. It is just that they cannot incorporate any room in their lives for any other views or concepts of faith. Thus, limiting them in their earthly incarnations.

We also suggest to you that sometimes people who act violently; raping, killing, stealing etc., are doing so out of a very low energy place and they feel like they A: have no other options B: are being controlled by very dense energy that wishes to wreak havoc on the earth plane or C: they do not know any better because their soul is not as advanced on the evolutionary continuum of understanding as others. If you think about soul development in terms of age, a young child or a baby does not have the same conceptual understandings of right and wrong as an adult does. And, many souls are on this same continuum. A grown up may in fact be an infantile soul with these basic understandings that are not clear for him or her yet. And, they may live next door or work with or reside with a soul that in fact is highly evolutionized on their continuum of development and they understand the value of these perspectives. And, thus, they can carry forth these actions into living without producing violence, sexual aggression or hatred towards others. It is like a scale, this continuum. And, people move forward and slide backwards continuously all the time but eventually everyone moves forward towards this great umbrella of understanding that we call enlightenment.

Most humans choose to move through life experiencing, as the reader question phrases it “good vs. evil, in a concrete way because it helps them to understand more completely the yin and the yang, the light and the dark, the negatives and the positive sides of these events. And, in turn this helps them to fully and completely understand the knowledge of these actions into their fibrous beings. Now, here we see that some of you are saying, “I did not contract in my soul form before this lifetime to be raped in this lifetime.” And, we say to you now, no you did not. But, all of you, when you are in soul form, have an understanding that there will be others around you who are working through these understandings and that they may choose to work out their understandings through these terrible actions as you perceive them. And so, some of you become entangled in their actions. Some of you have contracted to become entangled with these people. Some of you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of you have karmic lessons that you are learning and thus you must experience something in a terrible way to release the karmic debt. There are many complexities related to why these things happen to “good people.”

We do not mean to alarm you and make you nervous that at any point a terrible thing shall happen to you, for, in most cases, for most people, these kinds of terrible things will not occur. You are far enough along on your evolutionary continuums to understand that these kinds of aggressions do not need to occur to you specifically and you are in the middle of making meaning out of other kinds of lessons. For example, someone who is sick and who is going through a long process of being sick, is learning, understanding and growing from the lessons of hope and faith and patience. Someone who is going through a divorce is learning lessons of patience and trust and security with themselves. Someone who is going through the experience of the death of a loved one is learning compassion for life itself and moving forward with love in their heart after a great love has been lost. Some of you are learning lessons around alcohol for alcohol, and we might add drugs, are a way to blanket pain in your lives. They mask depression and heartache and you are working with these substances and some of you are actively in the throws of battling these “demons”. So, you see, you do not always need to be involved with a negative, violent, extreme action from another to have a lesson be learned.

And we might add that there are those of you who are reading our message here today who are the perpetrators of these actions and we say to you that it would be beneficial for you to stop and ponder what we are truly saying for your soul evolutionary growth. It is completely possible for any and all of you to grow and for you to move forward on your continuums in whatever lifetimes you are in no matter what kind of actions you have taken, violent or otherwise. And, for those of you who are reading our message who have done violent actions such as raping, killing, stealing etc, you have an opportunity to think about your actions and where they have led you and where you wish to go from here. Reflection and meditation and pondering and looking at a bigger picture are needed for this growth to occur.

And, we say to you all now that this is a very emotionally complex issue and we see that it stirs up much feeling in your hearts. We suggest that you all take a moment to sit quietly and exhale any pain this has brought up for you in your hearts. Send it down into the earth to be rejuvenated by the earth energy once again. And when you heart feels still and calm you should return to your daily actions. We wish you peace, all of you, peace and joy, serenity, comfort and love, no matter what experiences you have had up until now. And, we wrap you very gently in a soft golden blanket of light, tucking it ever so sweetly around your shoulders, helping to carry you forward into this next week, sustaining you and keeping you until the next time we are to meet with you again. With much compassion and love in our hearts extending to yours, we are the Council of Light and we say to you now, adieu, goodbye and Namaste.


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