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What Are Mantras?

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Mantras are words that are spoken to help a person focus inward in a spiritual way. By repeating the same word or phrase over and over again, the mantra acts as a meditation.

Mantras are a form of vibrational energy that help to open/heal the body. They can be spoken in any language. They hold special significance when spoken in Sanskrit. This is an ancient language and many words correlate specifically to healing resonances in the body.

For example, “Om, Shanti, Om” in Sanskrit roughly translates to “All There is in the Endless Universe, Peace, All There is in the Endless Universe” in English.

Seed Mantras come from India and they are the vibrational sounds that correlate to each chakra center in the body. Ancient yogis discovered that each sound penetrated and resonated at a different energy point in the body helping to stimulate or awaken the area.

From the top down the Seed Mantras are:

Om = Third Eye Chakra, just above the eye brows on the forehead.

Ham = Throat Chakra, inside the throat

Yam = Heart Chakra, in the middle of the sternum (breast bone)

Ram = Solar Plexus Chakra, two finger widths below the navel in the stomach

Vam = Sacral Chakra, inside the area around reproductive organs, below solar plexus

Lam = Root Chakra, base of the tail bone

When these words are chanted the chakra points are opened, energized, and aligned.


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