breathe deeply

A blog commenter recently submitted this question:

Would you suggest some appropriate meditation technique for relieving one of anxiety (a situation of feeling anxious with no physiological issues)?

Here is my suggestion:

Always, return to the breath. When you notice you are experiencing anxiety, consciously breathe deeply. Focus on breathing into your middle. Exhale completely. With the exhale, let go of the anxiety. Do this as many times as needed to release.

When we begin to focus on the breath, this changes our physiological state. Our muscles begin to relax. Our body is nourished by oxygen. Our mind slows down. Our thoughts don’t need to race as fast.

We begin to feel calm. Even if just for the moment we are breathing deeply.

Slowly over time, we are retraining and conditioning our bodies (both mental and physical) to have a different response. We are training ourselves into a healthier way of being.

In addition to breathwork, there are herbal supports you can take to calm the nerves too. I make and sell some here.

Namaste, Laura