thank your pain

Each of us has pain in our lives at some point. This is a good thing. Pain and suffering are our teacher. We learn to change, to grow, to work towards better. If everything were always great, we’d have nothing to learn, no lessons to master.

 Thank your pain.

I know that in my own life the deepest, darkest moments have also brought the most reward right after them. And the most time for reflection. It is in this reflection (sometimes on my own, sometimes with the help of skilled others) that I have learned to say thank you to the lesson just learned while in the darkness. And when I’ve been able to thank the pain, I’ve let go of its hold on me. I’ve released its grip on my life. By showing it gratitude (which comes from love and light) I’ve banished the darkness, the pain, the suffering.

The painful parts of our lives bring opportunity to learn and grow.

There is a lesson to be learned when we are in our darkest time. It may not be known while we are in the darkness because it is too dark to understand in the moment. But after, when the darkness passes – this is the time to soak up the light. To say thank you. To breathe into our soul center. To be filled with gratitude. To pay it forward. To do better. To be better. To reflect. To act. To change. To grow. To love what is good in our lives – both new and already there.

Namaste, Laura