Divine Lotus Healing | Council of Light Channeled Message Why Meditation is Important

Council of Light Channeled Message: Why Meditation is Important

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: Why Meditation is Important
Sunday, September 5, 2010
Time: 8:52am
Topic: Why Meditation is Important

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Good day to you Laura. We are glad that you are here. We see that you are busy and we are glad you are making time for us as usual. We find it nice to say that amidst your sometimes chaotic and busy schedule you can build us in as ritual and routine for this helps one to stay centered, calm and balanced. And, we would like to highlight this today for people in particular who are in crisis or who are not feeling grounded or connected to their spiritual sides of their lives.

When a person can build experiences into their lives that are healthy or spiritual and do them on a regular, daily, weekly, semi-weekly basis it helps to create a space of calm and quiet and collection. We see that many of you are fretting about various things in your lives and we suggest that you create some sort of peaceful relaxing routine and build upon it each week. Looking forward to it helps to negotiate and navigate through the stressful experiences in your lives. Also, the more you practice this spiritual, peaceful, relaxing, healthy routine the more you become ingrained in the positive healthy aspects of the action. For example, if you attend a weekly yoga class the body begins to look forward to the physical and energetic manipulation sessions each week and slowly over time the healthful and relaxing benefits of the yoga stretching will become ingrained in the body’s energy field.

Also, for those of you seeking to meditate we suggest that you pick a specific time, day and place to do this work. When you sit in a specific spot repeatedly and tune into the subtle psychic, calming, meditative vibes around you they begin to build a strong link with the divine or the empty spiritualness or whatever it is you are seeking and each time you sit down to hold your meditation session the link is growing stronger. As an example, Laura here sits in the same chair each week in the same spot in her home to connect with us. This ensures that she is building a strong energetic connection and since she has recently moved she has had to work at building the energy space up again in her new home. She has done this by sitting in the same chair regularly each week usually on the same day, typically at the same time, and although we recognize that sometimes she is not able to visit us at the same time of day, she is still making that connection once a week and it is helping to strengthen our bond.

You too can prepare yourselves for this type of connection to whatever it is you are seeking, whether it is your own channeled messages from the divine or your own contemplative relaxing meditation practice or your own meditation practice in front of an altar in your house or your own quiet inward reflection time or your own quiet reflection time with a good book to read. Whatever it is you choose it is important that you do it frequently and you do it consistently and you do it as a scripted important part of your life. We suggest to you that it is just as, and maybe more, important as things like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth. For, you cannot survive without doing these types of things. You must eat food to stay alive. You must sleep to stay alive. You must brush your teeth and bathe to live healthily and productively and we suggest that tapping into a quiet, peaceful moment during your week, at least once, will ultimately help you to sustain calm and security in your daily lives.

So many of you are tuned in, plugged in, turned on and always linked to lots of goings on around you. You are hyper-connected and you do not even notice because you are constantly being barraged and stimulated and your attention is being diverted in many directions and your attention is being requested by many things at once. And, we wish to say that with a stepping out of this craziness, this overloaded stimulation, for at least 20 minutes to a half hour, just once a week, will allow your body and your brain to take a collective sigh of “ahhh.” It is important to do this because your society does not do this as often enough, especially in the West, any more. In the West you are growing in leaps and bounds with technology. It is changing how you interface with the world. It is helpful and beneficial in many ways yet it is also alienating and limiting in other aspects. You are disconnecting from the self and you are plugging into a collective consciousness that is placed on a very public, very open level. And, when you are there you have no choice but to not go back. It is hard to unplug from the collective consciousness that is so public. And, while we recognize the benefits of becoming part of this kind of collective consciousness we say that it is just as equally important to take a step out and relax the brain, the mind, the body, the being. When you do so you will ground yourselves and you will begin to know the individual self more and you will be able to navigate through tricky situations and you will understand what it is you personally believe will be helpful for you when negotiating and navigating the public sector.

Just as importantly, there are very few people who can close themselves off completely and meditate and alienate themselves from humanity all the time. These people are a rare breed. They possess a gift for attaining enlightenment rather quickly and they require seclusion from society in order to understand all that is. We suggest that although we tell you frequently in our channeled messages that you are all on the path to enlightenment, this is not the way that you will become enlightened. Many of you are not meant to seclude yourselves and hide away in a cave, wrapped in robes, eating nothing but bread and sipping water, for years and years to understand the laws of nature and the world and the way life works. Instead, you are meant to have life experiences where the people who surround you are teaching you lessons and helping you to grow. As we have said before, everyone who you come in contact with throughout your life, large and small, from family relationships to local transportation bus drivers, we say that they are all important and that they all have joined you in sharing the lessons you need to learn in order to grow and move forward and become enlightened.

When you are in soul form you look forward to these experiences. You look forward to these connections. You look forward to these processes of learning and understanding. And, we are seeing an ever increasing alienation for those of you who are hectically busy with work life and scheduling your private time and trying to juggle being a part of families and in relationships with others while still harboring time for yourselves. We see that it is not working for many of you and as a result your personal relationships begin to suffer.

When you take out your stressors on the ones you love the most, often times you are hurting them. And, after a while some of them cannot sustain this hurt and pain and they choose to leave you and thus you have high rates of divorce and family separation and family dysfunction and sadness and loss and grief in your society today. We suggest that if you turn yourselves around and take time to ground and calm and meditate and inward reflect more frequently, you will have less capability and less availability and less strength to become stressed with the people you love. We do not mean to suggest that you show your stressors and frustrations to your workforce all the time as well. For, this will not serve a purpose for you productively in the work place. And, by the way, nor do we mean to suggest you should never show stress or anger or frustration for these are all emotions that serve a purpose for humanity and help you to change and grow. And, it is important and good for you to experience them every once in a while. But, we are merely highlighting those of you who take them to the extremes.

A person who is always angry and uses physical violence to get their aggression out is not doing themselves, or the people they love the most, any good. And, some restructuring of priorities and balancing of their needs is important. And, we suggest that because this is so uniquely highlighted that you seek some outside support to get yourself some help to restructure and balance. We would like to say that there are many people in your society who are in the roles of helpers to align with you and help you figure out how to remain calm and balanced during times of strife and stress. We see that there are many of you who are in need of these services. And, we offer a simple suggestion: just start by sitting quietly and reflecting. Gather up a journal and sit with your thoughts for a short while and just listen to what comes forward in your mind and begin to write it down. After a while you will see conscious patterns forming and you will, looking back and reading past written entries into your journal, notice that there is a theme that continues to run for you. And, for some of you, many of you in fact, these patterns of thinking and thought forms need to change so you can become healthier, more balanced, and more stable. We do not suggest that you are bad human beings for you are not. You are all inherently good and you are all trying to more forward on your paths towards enlightenment. And, the way you do so is through inward reflection.

When you seek out yoga instructors, therapists, meditation experts, reiki practitioners, acupuncturists, energy restructuring therapists and the like, you are actively engaging in supporting yourselves to grow into a new harmonic place in your lives. And, it is important to consciously do this for all the reasons we have mentioned above. Many of you will be saying right now in your mind, “Oh, I cannot afford that at this time.” And, we say pah, baloney. That is full of malarkey. You are just making an excuse not to change. For, if you want something desperately enough you can create it in your lives. Meditating is free. It costs nothing. If you do not own a computer, you may go to the public library for how to meditate. You can get books from the library. You can get tapes, C.D.’s, D.V.D’s from the library on how to do yoga, on how to calm your anger. And we say to you that unless you make it a priority to learn these things, you will not ultimately be a happier person in your life.

If you choose ultimately not to do any of these things, that is fine. But, you must recognize that you will spend an eternity of lifetimes repeating the same experiences over and over again until you learn to move forward on your continuum of life lessons. If you choose to stay stagnant in this lifetime, that is okay for you have free will and you are allowed to make that choice. However, your job, as we have said continuously many times before, is to learn and grow and move forward on the continuum towards enlightenment during each reincarnation that you are exposed to. And, if you choose not to during this lifetime, it simply means that you will repeat these same experiences in the next lifetime until you are ready to move forward.

So, we are here to help. We are here to help you grow. We are here to help you learn and to support you in your work. And, we cannot do any of this for you. You must do this work on your own. We can suggest. We can guide. We can send you love. But, we cannot change you. We cannot change others. We cannot change the experiences you are meant to have. We cannot interfere in your divine purpose and your divine path. You are the one that has the free will. You are the one that can change and learn and grow. It is up to you, plainly and simply put, to do what is best for you in your life. And, much like a therapist, or a medication, or a good friend whose shoulder you cry upon, or a wise teacher whom you look at for answers, we are here to support you.

Each of you has guides. Each of you has spirit connections. You may not realize it. You may not notice. You may not hear our message. You may not actively seek us out. But, when you start to do so, we can help you. We are on standby waiting for you to call us into action. And, we must say that those of us who work with you from the light cannot do harm. So, if you call us into action to take retribution against another, we cannot carry this action out. Instead, lower entity forms, with denser energy, will come forward and do this for you. This is what is known as dark energy and it serves a purpose in the world. But, ultimately it will not help you move forward on your paths as quickly towards enlightenment. For, it serves to help itself most often and it will use you to gain access to its own needs. It is dense and dark and sticky like molasses and it will hold you back. And, you are allowed to choose this if this is what you would like in your life at this time. And in your future reincarnations you will be able to choose to move forward or connect with this energy again. We do not pass judgment for there is no blame where we come from. And, we see that the light energy and the dark energy both balance each other out and serve a purpose in this world. And, you are able to experience them all.

We have talked about much today in a short amount of time. And, we wish to urge you to reflect upon what we have said in a new way. Take our words and really heed them. Take our words and reflect upon them. Integrate them into your personal daily lives. Do not just read them for pleasure as you have been doing but take them and actively integrate them. For when you do, you will find that you are more fulfilled. You are satisfied. You are gratified. And, you are in a healthier and better state of being.

So, with all of that said, we wish to say Namaste and thank you for listening to our message today for we are the Council of Light. And, we would like to remind you that we are always here for you to ask questions if you are in need of help finding answers to and we do not mind answering them and re-answering them and providing clarification to anything that has already been answered. Please do not hesitate to contact us for we are here to help you learn and grow. We send you love in the form of golden light rays wrapped in a golden blanket of light around your shoulders to keep you and protect you and hold you safe in the week ahead until we are to see you again or until you actively call upon us in your daily lives, which some of you have already done, and some of you have yet to do. Until next time, adieu and goodbye.

om laura