Reiki at Occupy Boston

Last Sunday I visited Occupy Boston with a number of other Reiki folks (who are amazing light beings in human form!) to offer free Reiki. It was a magical experience. I met so many good people, looking into their eyes and seeing their joy, sorrow, anger, peace… it was a blessing and humbling to be able to give them Reiki. I stood for about an hour and a half with what seemed like a never ending stream of people, about 10 or so- I lost count, that came to sit in my chair. The universe sent the people who needed a dose of Reiki one after another!

Divine Lotus Healing | Reiki at Occupy Boston

I met a man who just celebrated his 82nd birthday who told me he was, “an occupier to the end.” Then there was the woman who visited that day not as an occupier, but as part of a group who are knitting mittens and scarves for the people who are camped out as the weather in Boston gets colder. There was a man who had rode his bike to the camp that afternoon who sat and rested with me. A man who watched the process for a while sat down and said, “Okay, show me what you got.” He fell asleep in the chair and woke up “mellowed out” by his own words. Each person was kind, trusting, calm when they got up from the chair. In each person I saw their grace, humanity, soul. It was emotional at times for me.

Divine Lotus Healing | Reiki Hands | Reiki at Occupy Boston

With each person, I introduced myself and told them my name. I thanked each one of them for being there and said I appreciated their efforts in supporting this movement. I explained that with their permission I would lay my hands on their shoulders and then on the top of their head. After the Reiki came to an end I repeated my gratitude for them sitting in the chair and for being a part of this movement. I was left with a smile and sometimes words of thanks, although that was not what I was looking for. I am forever grateful to each of those people for letting me give them Reiki. I am also grateful that I got to participate in this movement in a way that gave back.

Here are some photos of the day. (I had one very beautiful photo of our entire group of Reiki practitioners standing under the Gandhi statue that I lost, so you will have to imagine our collective energy together.) I hope it gives you an understanding of the culture that is solidly camped out in Dewey Square- the heart of the financial district in downtown Boston. Given the events of the past week in other Occupy camps around the country I hope the Boston camp can continue to be a beacon of message sharing to the world. Blessings.


Have you ever participated in a Reiki event before? Share your story in the comments below!

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