Council of Light Channeled Message 11.11.11 Energy

November 6, 2011
Time: 6:10am
Topic: 11.11.11 Energy

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November 11, 2011 is fast approaching. The numbers read as follows: 11, 11, 11 and at exactly eleven o’clock, eleven minutes, eleven seconds am and pm on the eleventh month, the eleventh day, in the eleventh year of the 2000 we say that energy portals will be opening to those of you who are sensitive enough to receive the energy. And by sensitive enough we mean that you shall receive energy frequencies into the very heart- core of your beings.

There are people on the earth plane with which this energy will affect and they will not be conscious of this energy burst coming through to them. And, we say that they will have a difficult day. They will feel grumpy or misaligned or headachy because they are unaware of the energy that is surrounding them. For those of you who are reading this message however, you are aware of the energy shift that is occurring and about to take place. Some of you have noticed energy that has been shifting already. This is in relationship to the general shift of the energy field that we have been talking about for so long in preparation for the new millennia energy that is transitioning.

On this day, with these two energy portals it is best for you to say out loud, “thank you” and do some energy harmonizing frequency work to allow the new energy to come into you and absorb fully. Be conscious of the energy coming to you, even if you cannot feel it on this day. Know that it is sinking into your pores like lotion, healing, restorative, quenching your thirst. It is entering to the very core of your being on a cellular level, all your tissues all your fibers, all your muscles will be soaking up 11.11.11 energy, 11 and 11.

We are showing six eleven’s here because there are two points in the day when the energy will be most important. Important because they are at their peak of energy bursting. There is not one particular place upon the land that you need to stand. There is nothing important that you need to do specifically for you. However, we suggest taking quiet time, quiet moments, resting, going inward, relaxing the body, chanting or singing or sitting with healing hands resting upon the heart and solar plexus area of the body for these are areas of energy entry.

Some of you who are aware of this day may experience headaches or neck tension or vision blurriness or ringing in the ears. Breathe, simply breathe through this experience and the energy will begin to disperse throughout the body.

Why is this important you say? Why is the energy coming to me in this way? Well, we wish to tell you that this is so because for all of humanity through the eons you have contracted with the Universe to allow energy to come to you so that you may evolve and become enlightened beings. But, not all at once at rapid pace, gently like a trickling race. We say to you that you have agreed to let the energy sit and stew brew over the millennia and at certain times the tap is turned on like a faucet running clear and strong. And it turns on and comes to you clear and strong on days just like this that helps make you feel anew.

There’s nothing magical or mystical about it. The energy portal opens, energy dispenses, and you shall receive whether you are aware or not. Those of you who are not aware (and those of you who are not aware are not reading our message) will have a harder time receiving the energy. As we said before your body will feel yucky, headachy flu like and more. But, there is nothing that we can do to help support you. For, if you are not “awake” and you do not ask for support and help we may not come and give you our aid. Stand by your side, yes, we will do that, and we cannot hide. But we cannot change the energy entering your system unless you ask for support dear friends.

We are excited and happy for those of you who are consciously on this journey. We see that you are taking an active role in helping yourselves to grow. We are always here to support you. And you may call upon us or speak to us through Laura at any time. We help millions upon the earth plane in many different ways. This channeled work, through this lady, through this body is just one way. We are honored to do this work. The God-source has charged us on high with helping humanity to get by and we take our work so seriously you see. We take our work very joyfully. For, we love seeing humanity evolve and change and grow for the better, and for the know. The “know” being knowledge that you receive as you become wiser, wiser indeed.

We also say that on 11.11.11 at 11:11 each time of that day karmic energy shall be lifted if you request it to be so. Ask for the karmic chords that hold you back to be released on this day. Send the asking forward before the day begins so that in the portal of the two energy times you do not forget. Do it today. Sit down right now. Ask the Universe to cut the chords of karma that are holding tight to your being. Ask for those chords to be cut away on 11.11.11 at 11:11 each time that day. And you shall see a freeing of spirit, a lightening of load, a beautiful being arising.

For some of you it will be very direct and clear. It will feel as if ties are being cut from around your body dear. For others it will feel like a mood has shifted, a lightening of spirit, a happiness has lifted into place. There is not one way that you will experience the energy on this day. There is not one correct way to go through the world or to experience the heavenly energy. It is different for all and all shall experience it in their own way.

We are all lined up here, helping, helping always helping each day. We help you all. That is our job, big and small. It does not matter. Just ask or call and we are by your human sides. With love and adoration we say to you goodbye for now, goodbye today, adieu. But not really goodbye for you see, we always stand by your sides happily. We are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light, sustaining and keeping you, free and clear, safe and secure. And, we wish you peace ever more. Namaste.

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