Council of Light Universal Love Channeled Message

Topic: Universal Love for Yourself and Others

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We would like to talk to the beings at large, humanity, which has come from the stars about energy. What kind of energy do you ask? The energy of love. It is the ultimate task to tune into love and say unconditional love is always at play for people have emotions and feelings; anger and jealousy, rage, need, want, greed. All of these emotions come into play within each and every day. And the human being must navigate the waters and sail cleanly through if they are to evolve from one state of being to new.

Emotions play a role in keeping humans safe. They help you to know when something is dangerous or unsafe and they also can take over and control your ways. They can manifest in your actions and make you behave in ways that are untrue to your soul form and to what you really wish or want to do. And sometimes even should do. For example the Buddhist with love in her heart who is challenged by a group of other humans who are smart and yet do not reside in that same place of love, see her differently from around and above. She must still navigate the waters of love and hold space of love for those others, not so that she focuses on them but so that there is space for them to enter the love. And when this is done we see that a loving vibration spreads out and creates harmony. And often human emotions get the better of you. This is what it is to be on the earth plane we see.

So often when people are surrounded by vibrations other than love for example with the woman we mentioned above, it is hard to radiate out love from your heart continuously from the start. You feel pressure and pain to cover and block. You focus on the negative and what is not. There is not peace. There is not harmony. There is not grace. There is pain and sorrow in your face. And it is hard to uphold this higher vibration of loving grace, peace and adoration for your fellow humans. But we say you must try. Try each and every day. For when you try to hold yourself and others in the light all the time things will begin to manifest and turn around just right. As this vibration of loving energy comes out, you see, it begins to seep through all the interactions and connections that have come to be in your life everyday.

There is much science behind what we speak of. Your scientists have discovered energy and how it travels and manifests and makes what you want. So if you always focus on the negative that is what you shall receive. It is much like holding a mirror up to your face and you will believe whatever it is that you are projecting out, it will be bouncing back into your life ten count.

So please humans, as you enter this space of energy bliss it is intense and emotional for many of you we see. And even with the painful emotions like anger and greed we say to you to take time each day to find a little space, some of you may feel comfortable to pray, meditate, sink into your own being. Tune into your own heart and ask for the guidance of love to start flowing though your heart. There are some of you reading this message who many say you are not worthy of this love today and we will very clearly tell you that this is not true for each of you is valid and worthy of love. All the days long. You all are special, unique and strong. You have been made from god source love. You have been created from “up above”. And your job is to realize, actualize and grow towards your enlightenment so that you know how to navigate through what we call the pea soup of life, that sticky and tricky place on the earth plane that is rife with hurtles and stumbling blocks and painful lessons, we see. Honor your path with grace and let it be. You have control. You have choices. Make them from your heart spaces. Do not over analyze and choose to live only in the mind for this will give angst and pain. Make decisions from the heart once again and you will become better you see. Better at navigating the waters of thee.

>We love you all, us here in spirit form. We are tasked with helping you learn and grow and change and move forward ever so. You are all Divine beings, Divine sparks of light. We honor and keep you and tell you this is right.

We wish you bright blessings on this merry day. For some of you, you are going into a dark winter time of year and we say hold us in your hearts. Light a candle. Five minutes. Bring some spirit into your life. Ask to be connected. And this will be alright. You all have loving spirit that is here to help, help support you, help you grow, help you to learn, help you to know. Rely on us. You may not know our names. You may not know what we look like. And, this is just fine. But once again we say we offer ourselves as a resource to humanity. Some of us are spirit just made for this message through Laura and some of us are spirit crafted just for you individually reading this message, it is true. You may or may not know who we are but just tune in, five minutes, it is all we ask. Bring love into your heart, up through your head, down through your toes and throughout your whole being. Picture it washing through you, through your core to its inner being.

Peace shall rein upon the earth plane once humans once again move through life guiding their hearts. We see this as possible and that it can start. It can start with each one of you with your actions all the day through. So simple, yes we see. It is almost incompressible. Can it be that something so simple can change the world and help you grow towards your enlightenment? And we say, as you know, yes, yes of course it can. Something so simple is often the way. And we celebrate with joy on this day for you reading this message here and now are planting seeds in your heart of how to do exactly this. And we see and say that you can enter a state of bliss.

Blessings, bright blessings to each one of you. Peace and love and joy and hope too. We are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to guide you and keep you in the weeks ahead. Supporting you, loving you. Blessings. Namaste. Adieu. Goodbye for today. We are always with you. Just ask and you shall see. Spirit, loving spirit is around you, always, always. Just ask and loving spirit guidance comes forth to you. Blessings. Namaste. Adieu.

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