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In a recent Reiki class I was teaching, a class participant asked this question about Reiki and negative energy:

Can Reiki help to protect us from negative energy?

Here was the answer I gave:

Reiki energy works from the inside – out. It flows through us; helping to balance, harmonize, release, calm, etc. When we give Reiki to someone else, it flows through us as the vessel and out to the other person.

When “negative” energy comes at us I don’t know if Reiki “protects” us. There is no scientific evidence proving this so be the case. (Perhaps in time this will be explained/proven/debunked through our scientific community.)

I do know from personal experience (and listening to the remarks of clients and class participants over the years) that Reiki slowly begins to shift our focus from looking outside ourselves to looking inward.

The more we put our Reiki hands on ourselves, the more we may begin to notice a sense of calm during stress. Over time, we may become more relaxed when “stuff” comes at us. We may notice that we don’t get so worked up or agitated. We may begin to see ourselves as a pillar of calm, secure stability among chaos swirling around us.

This is a shift in perspective.

Instead of worrying about the outside world penetrating our energy in a not-so-good way, we begin to stand confidently in our own positive energy field, trusting that we are full of goodness, love, light, etc. Sensing that we are so balanced and stable, nothing “bad” can get to us.

Very empowering. Positive. Simple. Well beingĀ at its best!

Namaste, Laura