Divine Lotus Healing | The Symbolism Behind the Colors of Fall

The Symbolism Behind the Colors of Fall

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All the colors in the rainbow can be found during the fall season- if you know where to look. Here on the hill where I live, nature is bursting with color. I spotted the colors below while on a recent walk.

In symbology different colors represent different meanings. Take a look at the colors below and notice which one(s) resonate with you. Go out for a walk in nature and notice which colors jump out at you. Soak them in!

Blue Represents:

  • intellect
  • peace
  • contemplation
  • water
  • coolness
  • infinity
  • the Virgin Queen of Heaven
  • Venus the goddess of love

Green Represents:

  • nature, both growth and decay
  • sensations
  • jealousy
  • ambivalence
  • positive link with Tir Nan Og, the Celtic isle of the blessed

Orange Represents:

  • fertility
  • hope
  • new beginnings
  • spirituality


Pink Represents:

  • femininity
  • innocence
  • good health
  • love
  • patience

Purple Represents:

  • mysticism
  • focus for meditation
  • raises consciousness to a higher level
  • sorrow
  • mourning

Red Represents:

  • life force via the animal world
  • energy of the physical body
  • violent emotions
  • war
  • Roman god Jupiter
  • masculinity
  • activity
  • good luck (Chinese)
  • Christ’s passion (Christian)

White Represents:

  • purity
  • virginity
  • transcendence
  • pallor of death
  • mourning (far East)
  • color of Mount Meru, the mountain at the center of the world in Tibet
  • assent to enlightenment

Yellow Represents:

  • faithlessness
  • betrayal
  • disease and quarantine as depicted on a yellow flag in the West
  • national color of China, sacred to the Emperor
  • humility (Buddhist)
  • used in monk’s saffron robes


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