Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Animals and Their Role with Humans

Council of Light Channeled Message

Weekly Channeled Message: Animals & Their Role with Humans
Sunday, November 14, 2010
Time: 12:44pm
Topic: Reader Question Answered about Animals

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Reader Question:

Can you speak a bit about the role that animals play in the lives of humans because it seems as though sometimes they take on more of a spiritual nature.

Council of Light Answer:

Good day to you Laura we are glad you are here. This question is an interesting one for we see that animals have souls, just like people do on the earth plane, and yet they are treated vastly different than you as humans. They have the abilities to think and feel and make decisions and be part of social groups. They make choices. They bond, emotionally and with other animals, and yet, you as humans treat them as a subculture or inferior to yourselves.

And, we may argue that there are some creatures who may be more intelligent or smarter than humans in a myriad of ways. For example, dolphins and whales carry a collective wisdom that is ancient and goes back to primordial times, and they are yet to be respected for this knowledge that they carry. And, just because they cannot speak human language does not mean they do not try to communicate this with you. There are many groups around the world who have had experiences where they have been swimming with whales and or swimming with dolphins and they call up a sense of mystical-ness spiritual-ness from their swimming experience and yet they are not to be believed these people. They are looked at as “hokey, pokey”, mystical nuts or people who are overly enthusiastic about nature loving. And, they are not taken as seriously as a scientist who wishes to kill a dolphin or a whale body for research.

This we see is detrimental to the stability and ecological harmony of the earth plane but also to the soul structure. You are slowly wiping out entire groups of souls from the earth plane and when they are gone, they are gone. They choose not to reincarnate as a group. And in fact, some of them go elsewhere. Extinct animals or insects or sub-groups of animals that are killed off the earth plane, the human earth, the physical earth itself, take this as a sign that they are not welcome in your environment. So, when it is time for their souls to reincarnate, for, animal souls reincarnate just like people souls, they choose to reincarnate in a different world. And yes, we say emphatically there are other worlds within the universe as you know it with intelligent life forms that are loving and caring and gentle and kind and who can support a planet in similar ways to the way you know a planet to support life on an earth. And, those souls of those animals that have been killed off or harmed out of your earth go to these new places.

And, some animals act as spirit protectors or guides for families when they incarnate. Some animals are charged with the task of helping humans move along on their spiritual path. For example, you may have a pet or have had a pet in the past at one time in your life where this animal has shown incredible awareness of your being. They may have supported you with comfort in their own way during times of strife or they may have saved you from danger when danger was near. And, this is because they were charged with the task of helping you during your lifetime. And, should this pet happen to have died or been put to sleep; they are still, some of them, helping you along your path. They are just doing it from their spirit body. You may get a feeling or a sense that your old beloved animal is near by or you may have thoughts suddenly pop into your head where you are remembering the animal. And, this is exactly like when a dead past on relative comes back to visit. Animals do the same things to let you know they are with you.

We see it as a great tragedy that there are humans who choose to abuse animals because each animal is an individual just like you as humans. They have thoughts. They have ideas. They have wishes. They have emotions and they should be respected and honored and valued in the same ways that humans are.

We also see that there are some humans who take this to the extreme. They respect, honor, value and try to care for too many animals all at once and this is, although they wish it to have a desired effect of loving and caring, has the opposite effect of loving and caring; that is one of abuse and neglect. This is because their resources are stretched thin. We strongly suggest and encourage those of you who have pets to only keep animals in the home that you have the resources to care for, no matter how large or small; a hamster or a gerbil or any other kind of rodent should be honored and cared for in the same ways as a prize winning show dog or a horse.

And, there are some animals that should not be kept as pets at all. You may think that it is fun to have some kind of exotic animal in your care while it is small. And, then when it grows to its largest state it is no longer able to be cared for and you have no resources to take care of it. So, some people choose to release the animal into the wild and this is not good for the ecology of your land or the animal itself because it has been domesticated and cannot survive in the wild for very long, if at all. So, choose your animals wisely with whom you wish to align yourselves. For, they all serve a purpose upon this earth. Each one plays a role in the harmony of the land.

And, we wish to say that they can bring you great joy if you are treat them well. They can unfold, unlock and open the secrets of the universe with you if you are only to listen. You may wish to try psychically connecting with your pet. Some of you feel and sense your pet’s emotions or you seem to know what your pet would like before your pet requests it. And, this is because you are energetically connected in a very spiritually pure way with your pet. And, you are sensing their needs, sometimes before they are able to express them physically.

We encourage you to spend time with your pet, mentally thinking thoughts in a conversational way to your pet and asking for conversational thoughts to come from your pet at the same time. And, over time you will discover that you are able, many of you, to understand what your pet’s needs are. And, we see that this already occurs with people who are spiritually in tune with their own guidance. And, it is simply a matter of trust much like a person is taught to trust the first message that comes through when they are developing their psychic senses. It is the same way with animals. All you need to do is listen for that first thought that pops into your head when you are sitting with your pet and you are asking them a question. And, simply trust it. Do not hesitate. Do not second guess. For if you do, the psychic link between you and your pet becomes lost and you are unable to hear what your pet is saying. And, we don’t mean hear through your ears, we mean hear on a psychic level. Hear in your minds eye. For, this is how they will communicate with you.

We encourage you to try this weather you have pets or not. Those of you who do not have pets can still try this. There are animals wherever you live. You may have birds surrounding your dwelling. You may have squirrels or chipmunks or snakes or mice. You can attempt to try this communication with any animal or group of animals you come in contact with on a frequent basis. You may discover a flock of starlings that live in a tree in your neighborhood and you can begin to focus your attention on them. Or maybe your neighbor has a pet cat that is always walking through your property past your door. And, for those of you who are saying, “But, I live in an apartment in a city dwelling and I have no pets that surround me,” go to your local park. Take time outside. And, consciously in your mind request animals to draw near to you. Do this once a week in the same park in the same location on the same park bench. And, the animals that live in that area of the park will slowly begin to trust you and begin to seek communication with you and they will begin to show themselves and express themselves to you in ways that you don’t see typically. They may draw physically closer to you. They may come and sit beside you. They may respond to your presence in their space in a new way. All of these are signs that they are ready and willing to communicate with you.

So, be playful. Give it a try. Attempt this communication. Have fun with it, no matter whom you are or where you live. You do have the ability and the opportunity to do so. Be playful, seek joy in this experience, learn to trust yourself. For, when you do your life will be much more rewarding. Your animal experiences will become much deeper and more rewarding. And, you will thank yourself for it.

So, at this time we would like to say thank you for your readership today. To all of our readers we see that you are growing in numbers. We see that those of you, who have found our messages, seek them out because you seek answers. And, we remind you once again that you may ask us questions at any time and we will respond them back to you through our physical channel, voice box, recording machine, however you wish to call her.

And, in the week ahead we wish you blessings of peace and joy. And, comfort. And we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you and keep you in this week ahead to provide you with the energy and stability that you need to move forward once again on your continuum towards enlightenment. Namaste, adieu and goodbye. We are always the Council of Light.

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