Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Light Boundaries and Ghosts

Council of Light Channeled Message

Weekly Channeled Message: Light Boundaries & Ghosts
Sunday, November 07, 2010
Time: 5:24pm
Topic: Reader Question Answered about Light Boundaries and Ghosts

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Reader Question:

Is it possible for spirit to cross energetic light boundaries that have been set because it has its own free will and it can go wherever it wishes? Or do the energetic boundaries hold spirits out. For example: I’ve set an energy light boundary around the perimeter of my home so that spirits cannot just walk through like it’s grand central station but sometimes I hear things, or sometimes I see things out of the corners of my eyes, or sometimes I feel like there are people, spirits, that are right outside the house and I’m wondering if they could A: get in (ghosts I mean) and B: what should I do about it because it bothers me sometimes.

Council of Light Answer:

Good evening to you Laura. We are glad you are here. We see that you have been busy today and you are pushing yourself to the limits of your day and we are glad that you are making time for us. We see this question as a good one and it is one that many people have asked themselves in one form or another and we are happy to answer it here.

Spirit does have free will and yet, just like a person opening a door to a home, if it is locked they cannot come in. So too is it with spirit and light boundaries. Even the most hardened, irrational, demonic, mean spirited presences, however you want to call them, the most negative, the most sour, the most spiritually negative, however you want to label them, even they cannot cross a boundary that has been set properly with light. For, there is yin and there is yang. There is good and there is evil. And good has just as much space as evil in this universe, in this world, in this earthly realm. And, a light boundary, when drawn, acts as a repellant for spirit if the spirit has not already entered the boundary to begin with. It is sometimes harder to remove a spirit from an energy light boundary if it is already inside the boundary. Spirits can be like Velcro and it can be hard to remove them from a particular place. But, that is a different topic for a different time.

So, getting back to spirits and specifically your question of sometimes you hear, see, feel, sense, even though you set a boundary; you actually are and they are outside. They are not within the home because of the work you have done. However, you must go outside and produce an energetic light boundary around the physical perimeter of your land so that wayward souls who are walking through your yard, your neighborhood, your area, cannot come directly up to the house, the windows, the doors, and look in. This is what you are experiencing when you sense them.

And, we might add that this is something that happens everywhere, with everyone’s homes; whether you live on a ground floor, a top floor, an apartment, a house with multiple floors, in the middle of the city, in the rural country. It does not matter. Although we will say that just as it is with living people, there are more spirits in cities than there are in the country. For they have most often decided to roam where they once lived. So, there are more densely populated areas such as New York City and spirit knows no boundaries so it can travel through walls, it can fly through the air, because where resides there are not physical barriers the way humans encounter them.

We see that currently Laura, you have drawn a great crowd outside the window of your house and they are all listening to our message and they cannot come in because of the work you have done to set your energetic space and we wish to point out that these spirits are just people, ghosts, who are in this area. They are not demons. They are not bad. And, you are sensing their presence and it sometimes feels different because ghost energy is on a different vibratory plane than physical presence energy. So you may sense them and get the “heebie-jeebies” or you may sense them and get the “shivers” but it is nothing to be alarmed about. And we point this example out knowing specifically that Laura is capable of handling spirit because she does so on a daily basis with her line of work, and, we wish to highlight it here with others so that they begin to get a sense of what it is like at their house.

You do not need to be scared of ghosts. For, most of them are just departed souls who were once alive and who are now in spirit form. They have the ability to travel back and forth between the spirit world and your world and they like to visit. Now, there are a whole host of other kinds of spirit explanations but they are not related to what we are talking about today. Some ghosts are stuck and we have spoken about this before and we will speak about it again another time. But, that is not what we refer to here today.

So, getting back to the question, we have answered what you wish to know and in as clear a way as possible. And, we hope that you are provided with some peace and some comfort.

Reader Follow Up Question:

If spirit can travel through the air and I’m setting an energetic light boundary around my physical space, my house, my land, how far up into the sky do I need to set this barrier?

Council Follow Up Answer:

It does not matter how far you project it. In fact, there is no need for you to project, for, when you set the light barrier around the physical land that you are walking upon it acts as a light beacon and it shines out like a barrier so that only the spirit you wish can pass through it. And, even if a spirit were to try and fly through the air to a second floor window of your home, they would not be able to simply because the intention has been set to protect the land and part of the land is the air, the sky, the space around the house and so it is included in the protection automatically.

We are so happy to provide these specific answers for folks for we have so much knowledge. And, as we have said before on so many occasions, it is like pulling a needle out of a haystack. And, although we could talk about everything we know, it is easier and more rewarding and amusing for us to see what it is you are interested in learning about. And, we wish to hear from you all again. So, please, we encourage you; DO come forward with your questions, your queries. Give us examples of your experiences with spirit. We wish for you to share your experiences with your fellow humans so that the more you begin to talk and discuss and probe these questions, the more it will be easier for you to understand.

And, with this simple answer cycled to its end we wish to say thank you for your readership. You are all lovely souls. Divine in your own light sparks. And we honor you with blessings of love and joy and peace and light and comfort. We wish to say Namaste, Adieu, and goodbye for we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to help sustain and keep you in the week ahead so that you may do your work and be fulfilled and reach your highest potentials. Until we are to see you again, goodbye.

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