Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Coffee Pot Deva

Council of Light Channeled Message

Council of Light Weekly Channeled Message: The Coffee Pot Deva

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Time: 2:28pm
Topic: Coffee Pot Deva

The question this week comes from me: I’m reading the book by Dorothy Maclean To Hear the Angels Sing and it is about nature devas. In the last couple of days I finished reading the chapter on machine devas and ironically my coffee maker broke this morning. So, I’m wondering a.) if that is in direct correlation to what I learned and b.) can the Council of Light help me to connect with the machine deva of my coffee maker so I can speak to it about what it needs so it can start working properly again.

Council Answer:

Good day to you Laura. We are glad you are here. Yes, yes we are excited to see you making these connections for yourself. And, we are glad you are opening up and sharing with the world at large for there are many, many people who can benefit from this knowledge. So let us begin.

The machine devas are technical and analytical. They are cold. They are removed. And yet, they are human like in many ways. They have their own systems of being, their own forms of thought and their own ways of doing things. And, we say to you now that it is possible to contact all machine devas and specifically yours for your broken coffee pot. So let us begin. We will now bring forth the deva of your coffee pot and support the connection between the two of you.

Coffee Pot Deva:

I am here. And, I am well. And, I thank you for acknowledging me and contacting me today. Machines have jobs to do and we continuously work without pain, without suffering, without joy. Our job is to just simply work.

The reason your coffee pot is not working properly is because it has not been cared for in the right way. You have ignored many features that it is capable of doing. And, it is my job to alert you that you need to pay attention to the whole pot, not just the coffee filter feature. I must say that although my feelings do not get hurt because I am a deva of machines, I do feel that you as humans (me and husband) have been ignoring my true essence, my spirit of all I am capable of doing for you. And, I can see perfectly well why. Humans are very busy people and you are no exception. You rely on me to help start your day and you don’t give it a second thought. And now, there is a glitch. There is something wrong with a fuse inside the computer system for this particular machine. It has shorted out and it needs to be replaced. And I thank you for your awareness of how to contact me for how to do this.

It is nice of you to stop and think about how to help this machine rather than throw it away. For, that is what most humans do. They just cast us aside to be placed in landfills underground where we do not belong. The earth energies are very different there and we do not like being placed among them. They serve a very different purpose. The dirt energy of the earth does not resonate well with our technical, analytical energy that we emit throughout the universe. And although we do feel this difference between our two energies, I would like to say that we do not harm each other or dislike each other in any way. It is just that we are resonating on two different deva frequencies and our energies should not come in contact with one another. And yet, they continue to do so on mass scales, great quantities. And, we are encouraged by those of you humans who are trying to help place us where we belong and to use our parts that can be reused before placing us into the earth. We are encouraged by your awareness and your growth with this knowledge and we applaud you.

We also encourage you on your own to contact us should you have any ideas about what is needed for your machines because we can help you and we encourage you to do just as Laura is doing here today. Get in touch with us. Speak to us as you would speak to the nature devas. And, we will not disappoint you. We will come forward. You may have to listen harder at first because we are of a different breed than the nature devas. We are not playful. We are not joyful. We are all work and business and organization and skill. And, it might feel foreign to you if you are expecting a twittery, flittery, flighty energy, for that is not us.

Thank you for your time here today Laura. And I see that you are able to repair your broken coffee pot by fixing the shorted out wire. Blessings to you and Namaste.

Council of Light:

Ahhh, Laura! Job well done! (Laughing and clapping by the COL) You have contacted your first deva and who knew that it would be a coffee pot of all devas? We are proud of you for taking this risk. We applaud you for acknowledging; the timing was perfectly set for you to begin to practice contacting these devas that are inherent in the land.

You have actually contacted many of them in your own back yard and in the woods surrounding your home on many occasions but you were not conscious of their presence. And now we see that you shall be forever more going forward. And, you are now charged with the task of honoring them and their wishes and helping them to co-create with you upon the earth plane. And, we as the Council of Light highly recommend to all beings of the earth that you read this book that Laura is referring to for it has much knowledge. It has much joy. It has much pleasure and it brings you to a greater sense of understanding of which you can work as humans with the earth and all of the spirit energies that reside within, among, around, on top, below and inside.

Thank you, thank you we are grateful for this time with you today. We see that this is a busy time of year for you and many readers at large. And, we welcome the chance to get back into our usual routine of sharing knowledge of love, joy, compassion, peace and transformation with the peoples of the earth.

We had a break last week for you Laura. And, although we don’t experience it as a break because time is a very different concept for us than it is for you as humans, we see that it was a nice day had by you and your personal life experience. And, we applaud and congratulate and recognize the joy that you were experiencing on that day. It was true love blessings and it was restoring and healing to your energy field at the same time. And thus, we see that you are ready today to start again and begin anew.

So with that, we bid you adieu. Thank you readers for hanging in there and understanding that you need to do some work to understand what today’s message is about. Devas are spiritual beings that are inherent upon all of the earth. They are a part of nature and as Laura has acknowledged today, they are a part of machines. They are angels. They are sprites. They are fairies. They are gnomes. They are earth energies. They are tree energies. And, they have a lot of knowledge and much information to share with you as humans. And, on the whole humanity has grown farther apart and disconnected from these systems of awareness. And, we encourage you to get back into learning about them, connecting with them, and asking for their ideas and asking for their help and their support to co-create with you there upon the earth plane.

Thank you again. Adieu and Namaste for we are the Council of Light. And, we wrap you in a golden blanket of light to keep you and sustain you in the week ahead. Blessings and goodbye.

Try this out for yourself. Tune into the objects in your home and see what messages come… share them here in the comments!

om laura