Council of Light Channeled Message Winter Light and Stress

Sunday, December 12, 2010
Time: 5:10pm
Topic: Winter Light and Stress

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Good evening Laura. We are glad you are here. We have been waiting for you today. And we see that you finally decided to join us. Thank you for your time. We have a brief yet powerful message for our readers today. And that is simply to breathe consciously. Stop what you are doing; even for a moment while reading this message, and breathe very deeply to the core of your belly. Exhale completely to the core of your belly.

We say this to you simply because we see that there are so many of you with elevated stress levels walking around on the earth plane and it does not need to be this way. For many of you in the Northern Hemisphere this is a dark time of year. And, long ago your ancestors would bring light and greenery into their world to help them keep their spirits high. And, in the modern era you all are doing the same with technology and gadgets and gizmos. And we see that the gadgets and gizmos sometimes, most of the time actually, are detracting from the beauty and the wonder of lighting a simple candle in the night during the long dark days of your winter.

We recognize that there are some of you who read our message who are not experiencing winter at this time. And, we would like to remind you that you can remember this message for when your long, dark, cold nights in your region are being experienced. But, for now since we are coming through a channel that lives in what is known as the New England region where it is cold and snow arrives, we are referring to the people who experience similarly as herself.

We encourage you to remember to hold a sense of love and compassion in your heart at this time because if you can hold that sense of love and compassion in your heart center you will begin to experience this love, this compassion, not only for yourself but for your fellow humans. And this is a universal love that we in spirit are sending from the divine source to you continuously all your days through. And we wish that more of you could and would consciously acknowledge this divine love that courses through to you all year round continuously. But, we see that now with so many of you stressed and over worked and caught up in your material wealth it is a good time to stop and remind you:

Breathe in very deeply to your stomach completely.
Hold it to the count of three.
And breathe out completely exhaling your stomach air completely.
Hold it to the count of three and begin again.
Feel a golden spark of light glowing in your heart.
And as you breathe in and out rhythmically and focused on your breath,
become aware of the golden spark of light becoming brighter and wiser
and bigger within you.
And it begins to glow outside your body emanating out all around you.
Sending love and compassion out to the people around you,
to your home, to your dwelling, to your car, to your transportation,
to your workplace, to your neighborhood, to your region,
and out expanding ever farther into the universe- merging
with all the other sparks of light that are reading this message;
blanketing the earth in a beautiful golden light.
Helping to spread love and compassion, and peace and calm,
and stress free energy to all those who need it most.

And, if you do this very simple act, this very clear visualization, even if you just do it once, we recommend doing it daily but we see many of you cannot hold the strength and stamina to do this daily, so we ask just once, even just now while you read this message. We see that it will begin to create a network, a grid, a powerful energy connection for other humans to tap into on the earth plane. It comes from the divine. It comes from source. It comes from the all. It cannot hurt. It harms none. And, for those who don’t acknowledge it or feel it or sense it or see it, it is always there and they have yet to turn on their mind and awaken to the beautiful power and compassion and love. And, it will always be waiting for human consciousness to tune into its source.

We guarantee that you will have a very different experience this winter if you can do this visualization. We dare say that it is a technique for it is something that is always around you, being sent from source in love and in wisdom. And, if you were to tap into this, this winter season you would experience a joy, a peace, a calmness, a stillness in your centered being like you have not experienced before. We invite you to give it a try and if you would feel comfortable in doing so, we invite you to share your experience here so that others can see and feel validation in your community. There are many, many of you who read our message. And, we see that you are all isolated dots of light on the earth plane and we encourage you to communicate with one another, leave each other messages as to how it is going, feel your connectedness, sense your interconnected web that you are tapping into and helping to co-create and weave upon the earth plane. And, when this is done your vibrations of your earth field will begin to rise, helping to propel all of humanity forward on your evolutionary path towards your enlightenment goal. And, all it takes is a simple breath and a sense of a spark of light in your heart and having it grow brighter and expanding outward. It is so simple, yet so powerful. And, that is all we have to say for today.

Thank you for listening to us again this time. We bless you and keep you. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light to sustain you in the week ahead, knowing that you are stable and full of light. Blessings and good tidings. We are the Council of Light. Goodbye, Adieu, Namaste.


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