Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message Weekly Format Changing

Council of Light Channeled Message

Weekly Channeled Message: Format Changing

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West
Sunday, December 5, 2010
Time: 8:00pm
Topic: Channeled Message Format Changing

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Good evening Laura.  We see that you are here late today with us.  And, we acknowledge that night time channeling sessions are harder for you.  This is partly due to your brain waves and how they function in the ether when it is dark out and partly due to your body being full of energy from the day and it is harder for us to penetrate through with the messages that we have.  Although, it can be done because we are doing so now.

We would like to say that our messages are clear and they will soon be coming to a close for we have much more to say to you all in a very new way.  We see that this is taking you by surprise Laura and we are acknowledging the physical sensations in your body such as your pulse quickening.  And, we want you to be rest assured, readers and Laura alike, that we are not leaving you.  The way we come through to you will be changing.  We are interested in helping humanity grow, manipulate itself forward in its evolutionary consciousness and we see that there are very many ways for us to do this.  We encourage the readers of our message to continue reading what we have to say each week.  And, we encourage you to keep asking questions.  And, you may or may not notice on the surface that the way we come to you and speak with you each week is actually changing.

Our group structure is one of cohesion as of now.  And, soon it will be changing.  Our group structure will be opening to include many, many more souls, deities and beings of the light.  Some of us will be speaking to you individually, one at a time, through Laura as our voice box to the universe.  And, we will also be speaking as a unified cohesive group as well.  When we speak to you in these different ways we will let you know when it is and how it is and what it is that we do.

And, we see that there are many of you who are interested in speaking directly with a specific deity.  And, although you have the ability to do this yourselves you have yet to trust that you can do so.  So, to help get you started we will come to you through the familiar form of Laura at first.  We recognize that she is a great medium of many talents.  Many of which she does not know herself as of yet.  She is always continually on a path of development just like everyone else upon the earth plane.  And, some of us are charged with helping her along her life’s work path.  And, some of us are charged with helping humanity as a whole.  And, some of us are charged with doing both.

You all, as each individual reader who reads our message, have the ability to speak with us and commune with us as needed.  We call ourselves the Council of Light to identify ourselves as a structure that you can understand.  And, if you wish to speak with us you may call upon the Council of Light at any time and speak to us at will and at length.  However, you may also call us other things that you feel more comfortable with as well; angels, light beings, Divine Mother, Divine Father, Christ, Buddha, Muhammad, whatever it is you wish to address, we will come to you.  If you call one specific entity, being, deity, they will come and commune with you.  You must practice and you must work hard at defining your ability at hearing our psychic message because for many of you we will come through the form of thoughts in your mind.  We will come to some of you in physical form, standing in front of you in the room that you are in, if that is what you need.  And, for most of you although you feel like that is what you need, all you simply need to do is trust the thoughts that are streaming into your consciousness when you call upon us and ask us to be with you individually.  This is how you can access information from deities all over the universe at any time.

We recognized early on that Laura was a great source for this system of communicating with humanity for she was open to the path of hearing.  And, she did not request us to come to her.  We came one day, out of the blue, and made ourselves known to her and she simply began.  In earthly time that was well over a year ago and she has diligently been providing space to let us share what we have to say to you as humans each week.  And, we welcome that and thank that energetic devoted space.  And, it will continue in a new form, in a new way, each week as we move forward in the next year ahead of us.

We still have some time as we are now as the unified cohesive group called the Council of Light to work with you.  So fear not.  We are not disappearing and dropping away.  We are simply giving you the “heads up” that beginning in the new year things will be tweaked, changed, moved for the better, helping humanity in the way that most serves humanity to grow.  With our gratitude and blessings we offer you the ability to get in touch with your spirit side.

So, simply put, we would like to take today’s time to give you a heads up that we are moving forward, growing and changing and becoming something new along with you in the next year.

Blessings.  Namaste and adieu.  We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light keeping you and protecting you in the week ahead and on your life’s path as you journey forward forever more, throughout time eternal.  We give you grace and blessings of light and love.  Namaste.


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