Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message When Does a Soul Enter the Body

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message: When Does a Soul Enter the Body?
Sunday, September 12, 2010
Time: 9:04am
Topic: When Does a Soul Enter the Body?

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Good morning Laura. We are glad you are here. We would like to acknowledge a question that you have had in your mind and that we have been hearing you speak through your thought consciousness. And, we think, we say that, it will benefit all of humanity to open this question up to a public channeling session because there are many others who wonder the same thing. So, with that, let’s begin.

The question is, “When does a soul enter a body? Does it enter in utero or does it enter upon the birthing process?” And we see that you are wondering this because of the many heated debates humans have about this very topic. And, before we answer the question we would first like to say that we do not take sides in this debate between groups of people. Some groups of people believe that the soul enters a human physical body when the human physical body is first created. And, some groups of people believe that the human soul enters the human physical body upon being birthed. And, there are yet others who believe that the soul enters anywhere along the way.

We wish to be clear here and say that all people who have thought about this topic and who have come to some decision for themselves are really doing themselves justice for they are attempting to answer where and when they have come from in their subconscious. They may not realize that they are advocating for answers about their own personal past by expressing interest in this question but in fact, they are.

So, we also wish to remind you that we also do not condemn or condone any one particular group response/ answer/ solution for we recognize that all humans are capable of independent thought and rational thinking. And, all humans can deduce and surmise their own ideas based on what they feel comfortable learning about. However, we understand that there is a bigger picture at stake and we see the subtle behind the scenes workings that go on with souls on the soul plane before, during and after your incarnations. And we wish to provide a small bit of insight into where you are before you are birthed and where you go after you die so that you as a human form, a human group, a human race, may begin to understand your connections to spirit a little bit more.

Currently, the way that humans bring other humans into the world is by procreation. And with the help of science there are many techniques that are used now so that it does not just take one man and one woman joining together physically to make an entity known as a baby. Science has been helping to ensure that people without this one man and one woman connection can also share in the joys of bringing a baby into the earth plane. And, along the way as we have said many times before, there are hundreds of thousands of souls that are eagerly waiting to join a human body on the earth plane to experience that which you all call life. And, you may think of them as if they were standing in a queue, waiting for their number to be called. Of course, not all they do is stand in a queue waiting; they have other things they do too. For, they have groups of friends, they play games, they have fun, they banter together, but mostly they are just waiting for their turn to incarnate. Most of them have had hundreds and hundreds of incarnations before and they understand and eagerly await the chance to have one again.

This is why so many of you who are alive today on the earth plane can claim to remember living in another place on the earth in a past life and you so vividly remember the experiences you had during that lifetime because your soul has experienced that before. And, with some honoring of these remembrances and some trusting that these remembrances are true and not just part of your imagination, you can begin to open up your energy expansiveness into a whole world of remembrances. Many of your past lifetimes are just a remembering thought away, just out of reach of your fingertips. And, all you need to do is begin to tune in and begin to remember them, almost like watching an old movie. They can be very revealing about things that are occurring in your life today. For example, some of you do not like to have things placed around your neck; scarves, shirt collars, necklaces and the like. And, this is due to some form of traumatic experience in a past life. Either you were strangled or hanged or mutilated and that uncomfortable-ness is still energetically with you in this lifetime. It may take you several to hundreds more lifetimes before you can remove this uncomfortable energy from your neck. Or, it might take you just a few weeks of concentrating on removing it in this lifetime alone for it to release. It does not really matter how long it takes for this energy to release for that is not the purpose. The real purpose is to understand that that energy is there and that your job is to work on understanding it and letting it go should it need to be let go. This applies to every body part; bad backs, weak knees, painful heart areas, mental illness in the brain, foot troubles, anything that you name is most often related to a past life.

Some of you have occurrences in this lifetime where you are experiencing physical pain or emotional discomfort and it is related to your recent past. When you were children you might have had emotionally traumatic or physically traumatic experiences, or maybe just one, and you have yet to do the work of unpacking the experience, unpacking the current emotions, freeing them from your system and letting them go. And thus, your physical body and or your emotional body are trying to show you that it is time to release by giving you discomfort or pain or sadness or hurt. For, when you experience these things you do not wish to carry them. And, you have the choice of stuffing them deep down inside or releasing them completely. It is hard, we know, to release these sensations completely on your own and we suggest that you work with somebody such as a therapist or an energy practitioner to remove the blockages completely from your lives so that you are free and clear and running at your optimal best. There is nothing wrong with those of you who have those experiences by the way. For, those are the life lessons that we all need to learn in order to grow. Every single one of you has lessons that you are learning through different means and these examples that we mention above are just one way of helping you learn.

Now, it may seem ironic or strange that there is this long line of souls waiting to incarnate into an earthly body only to discover pain and sadness, emotional and physical hurt. And, we wish to say that the joys of being alive as a human body outweigh the physical discomfort and pain emotionally that we are discussing. And most souls choose to come back to the earth plane because being in a human body is viewed as a party. They celebrate their arrival in the earth plane and their attempt at coming back into a human body is perceived as a fun activity. And these souls enjoy waiting eagerly for their turn to come up almost as if their number has been picked at the deli and it is their turn to place their order. We see that this is a very frivolous and nonchalant example for this very sacred, serious and important transaction of spirit to human body but we would like to tell you that there is much laughter and joy and lightheartedness from this group of souls that are waiting for their turn to incarnate as we speak because they truly do view this experience in such a light hearted way.

And now, we wish to talk about when they actually enter the body. It is different for each soul. Some souls choose to enter at the moment a body, a human form, has been created in the womb. Some souls choose to enter anywhere along the gestation period, path, or along the way. And some souls choose to enter during the birthing process or just after, immediately in nanoseconds, after the body has been birthed. Now you might be wondering how this is possible because in utero or in some setting where the baby body is being raised there are things like heartbeats and finger movements and toe movements and general body movements around. And, these are all physical manifestations of the baby growing, changing, morphing and really this does not need a human soul to do this. For, the body has neurons and synapses that are firing and are moving on their own in their own microcosmic consciousness so when you see a picture of a baby sucking its thumb in utero it does not necessarily have a soul with it yet, although sometimes it does, and this is because the neurons and synapses of the brain have fired to say “put thumb in mouth”. And, the personality of the baby does not need to be present to make that decision. That is an entirely different system of the being for remember there are many systems that make up a being; the emotional system, the physical system, the analytical system, the health system, the sexual system, the spiritual system. All these different layers converge to make the body, the personality, the one so unique and special when it is alive as a human on the earth plane.

This is partly why we don’t find fault in humans who believe one thing or another because in a way everyone is right. It really is that simple. And we wish to say that we neither condone nor condemn those humans who feel so strongly about their convictions that they will try and force their views on others through violence or brute force or retaliation or anger. For we see that although they may cause harm and this is uncomfortable, they too are on a path of learning and discovering and trying to figure out answers to the deepest questions of life. And, much like somebody with a car bomb is trying to do the same, so is somebody who thinks they know all the answers to when life takes form in consciousness. As a general rule we come from a place of peace and harmony and love. The energy plane that we come from is highly evolved and we no longer see the need to use brute force or violence or anger or hatred to access our understandings of how things work. And, we see the value in harmonizing with the other spirits or souls that are around us. And, as we watch those of you on the earth plane who are navigating through this we see that many of you have not come to that same understanding, that same understanding of energy harmony. You are still in positions of looking at the world view from your own perspective and you do not have an outward sense yet of how you are all joined together and thus this is why there is so much violence, greed, anger, hatred, etc. We don’t blame you or tell you you are bad for behaving this way or for having this form of understanding for you are just in a place on your evolutionary continuum where this is all you know. And we are sure, through watching human evolution, and watching all these souls reincarnate lifetime after lifetime that you will at some point come to an understanding that is greater than the one you have now. You will at some point begin to know that energy harmony with others is more important than your own personal views. And, we have faith that you will arrive there in your own time when it is most important for you to understand this concept completely (as a human race). We cannot force you to arrive at this understanding any sooner than you are ready. For, you are in charge of your own self. You are the one with free will. You are the one that is destined to understand and learn and grow at your own pace. And, although it may seem like those of you who are interested in using anger, hate, violence, etc to meet your needs, is best, or to others it feels like it gets in the way, just know that you are growing, you are learning, and you are changing.

Your society in general does not have much compassion for this type of behavior and this is because you do not understand yet what we are talking about. Many of you understand on a subconscious level but it is time for the entire societies of the earth to bring this to their consciousness so that those people who use anger, brute force, violence etc, to communicate their needs can be supported in a loving way to change their ways. This may sound very contrary to the things you all believe and you may feel angry at reading our words. You may feel like you are bristling. You may feel like what we say is not true or what we say has no validity. And, we wish to remind you that your ideas are okay. We cannot stop you from thinking what you think. We encourage you to explore these feelings further and to analyze why it is you feel this way. And, this will help you to come to some understanding of where you are on your path towards enlightenment and your personal evolution of growth.

We see that many of you are afraid subconsciously to do this work. And, we say that this is okay. You will continue to experience these kinds of feelings, sensations, emotions, throughout all your lifetimes until you are ready to confront, to process, to learn, and ultimately to grow. This is the process of life.

So, with all of that said, we wish to say that we have taken just a snippet of time to process this question and that we see that you will have many more answers and many more questions to learn and understand and grow from. So we fully expect to be hearing from you soon with clarifications at hand because this is a hard concept to fully, completely understand. With that we say adieu and goodbye for we are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light and we wish you much peace in the week ahead as you are sustained.

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