Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message The Importance of  Clean Energy Field

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Weekly Channeled Message on the Importance of Clean Energy Field

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Time: 2:23pm
Topic: The Importance of Clean Energy Field

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Good day to you Laura. We would first like to say that energy is so important in people’s daily lives because it is what surrounds you all. It is what makes up the universe. It is what you are all made up of and understanding how it flows helps one to have an easier life experience. Keeping your energy field clean is very important. Just as important, we would argue, as going to a medical doctor for a health exam or a dental doctor for a tooth check up. And, we see that many, many of you by no fault of your own do not have clean energy systems. We would like to talk to you today about ways that you can clean your energy field so that your engines are running at a more productive, faster rate.

First, we would say that you should physically manipulate your aura. Sweep it clean of debris. And, the way you can do this is by washing your hands with soap and water, sitting in a chair, in a comfortable upright position with your feet firmly planted on the floor, and your back straight. This will allow your body to be able to bend so your hands can sweep all the way from your feet to the top of your head. And, using circular motions with your hands held palms out to the body, fingers stretched straight and hands side by side, rotating in circles, around and around and around through the aura, you should be experiencing nothing at first because this is a new process for you. But, after several circular pass-throughs of the aura from head to toe you may begin to notice that a particular area feels warm or a particular area tingles or a particular area feels cooler or hotter. This is how energy presents its changing patterns and these are the subtleties that you will begin to notice with the palms of your hands and also your fingertips.

When you come upon an area of energy that feels different than everything else you may scoop it out with your hand and flick the scooped energy purposefully to the floor. And we say that you should repeat this scooping process until you no longer feel that area is full of this un-needed or unwanted energy. It should begin to feel either empty or hollow or it could feel exactly the same as all the other parts of the body that are not in need of an energy cleansing.

Some of you will be disciplined enough to do this on your own and others will find it more relaxing and easier to have an energy manipulation session with an energy therapist, somebody who can do this energy removal for you. And, we wish to say that there are aura spray products out there for sale on the market with which you could help to mist the aura to change and transmute the energy frequencies. We will not get into specifics here for you can do your own research.

It is important to have clean energy so that you can be running at your optimal best, kind of like using the analogy of a car running smoothly after an oil change. If you have pockets of energy that are full and loaded down and weighted, you are carrying excess that you do not need. Those of you who have anger management issues or constant depression or continuous sadness have energy fields that are gummed up, full of sticky, heavy energy and with some conscious application it can be released. The way to determine which centers to release is you must first meditate and go within to look for the answers. They will come to you if you ask. You must trust that the center needing releasing will be highlighted during your meditation session. And by meditation we do not mean going to a yogic center for hours or days at a time and emptying the mind and leaving it blank. There is value in that form of meditation however we are not speaking of that today. We are talking about 10, 15, or even 20 minutes on your own, in your own home, in a quiet corner in a chair in a space where you will not be interrupted where you can tune into these words and ask for support. There are many, many CD’s out there that offer musical assistance in helping your brain relax and stay focused on the meditation session.

Another reason it is important to have clean energy is because energy travels from the outside, the outer layers, the outer shell, of your aura inward. And, the farther in it travels through all the layers or onion skins of your aura, the closer it becomes to your physical body. And, while this is okay with positive healthy energy, it can be quite harmful with heavier, weightier, denser energies such as depression, anger, sickness of the mind, mental health issues and if you do not help to release them through your energy field you will begin to physically feel ill. Body parts will break down and stop working or diseases will take over, all in an effort to highlight for you that something is wrong and it needs to change. We see that many of you go to Western doctors to treat the symptoms of these illnesses and the medicines you are given take the pain away. And yet, the root cause has never been diagnosed or acknowledged. Your scientists have studied and discovered for quite some time now that positive energy has more of an impact on people’s lives growing and changing into healthy states.

Once you have done the work of cleaning your aura it is important to get regular tune ups, check ups and regular energy manipulation sessions or whatever you choose, sprays or your own hand sweeping, because every day you receive more and more energy from your surroundings and sometimes you have something that attaches to your field that is not welcome. You may not notice it except for the fact that you feel tired all the time. If more people on the earth plane were to walk around with clean energy fields the earth energy field itself would begin to rise and grow and change for the better.

We would like to acknowledge that it can be hard to start the process of attaining clean energy if you are already in a depressed or angry or upset state for there are many layers of this type of energy that have built up around you and it can be sticky to remove it for it does not want to go. And for those of you who have difficulty removing it, we suggest that you use the aid of another person, professional perhaps.

We would like to say that we are done for today. We were brief and to the point. And, should you have any questions we are here to answer them for we are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light and we wish you peace in the week ahead. Goodbye.

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