Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message The Soul and Core Beings

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

April 5, 2010
Time: 7:45pm
Topic: The Soul and Core Beings

Before a soul incarnates into a body it must make a decision. #CouncilofLight Click To Tweet

Good evening Laura we are glad you are here. We didn’t think you would make it to see us this evening. We know you are tired and you are very busy and we appreciate the effort you are making to join us this evening in our venture together.

We wish to take this opportunity to talk to you (readers at large) about our core beings and who we are in the inside. “We” being those entities in human form. Before you incarnate, your soul is free to roam around and wander wherever it wishes to be. Not on the earth plane, but in a different location in spirit form. Spirits who are on the earth plane are stuck there, some of them, most of them. We are not talking about them.

Before a soul incarnates into a body it must make a decision to do so. And, it does this with other members of its soul group. There are many of you who have incarnated together before. And, you will continue to do so after this lifetime. You are a group of souls who have chosen to go through life together to help each other learn lessons that you need to learn.

You may be in relationship to each other in one way in one lifetime. And then, in order to help learn the lesson that you need to learn, you may be in relationship to each other in a different form in the next lifetime. In this way you are able to get all perspectives and balances from all points of view for the lesson you are trying to learn. For example, a man in this lifetime who beats his partner will either learn that this is a mistake and hurting another human form is not acceptable and he will change and reform. Or, he will incarnate in the following lifetime to be the abused so that he understands not to do it again. We know this sounds harsh as an example and shocking possibly to some of you, but, souls are on the quest for rising above and this cannot be done without growth. And, growth does not happen without change and change does not come about unless perspective shifts. Thus, the man in this lifetime either changes his perspective or he reincarnates as the other point of view in having the other experience.

This happens all the time. All of you are learning lessons of compassion, and hope, lessons about greed and love and about jealousy and anger; all of these feelings you are learning now. (pause) So, in continuing with our message we would like to say that it is important for those of you on the earth plane to always do the best you can because this ensures that you are growing and moving towards higher states of being. It really is like the Prophet Mohammed said, or the Buddha said, or the Christ said; any of those figures who talked about doing your best, being kind and loving, and fair and honest. These actions were preached long ago and they are just as relevant and applicable to today.

It is hard not to get angry or jealous. Those are emotions humans are allowed to have while in human form, although, we must say that those feelings are rare when a soul is in soul form. So, why do souls want to incarnate so much? You all yearned to be in your bodies and you could not wait to go back to the earth plane. Partly because it is so fun there with all the visceral experiences of taste and touch and smell and sound. It is the same in soul form, just a bit different. We are not going to describe the difference right away. But, we only wish to say that people on the earth now wanted to be there because it is a fun place to be. You are in a body that is available for learning and growing and if you did not incarnate, most of you would not evolve.

We have said before that some of us have never incarnated into human forms but we are very highly evolved beings and we would never have had to have gone through human form to become what we are now. We are not trying to imply that going through human form to get to our level of consciousness is bad. It is not bad. It is just the way the system is. It is just how things work.

We told you once before that there are a group of souls that are trying to take over your (earth) energy field and it is very important that you stay focused and positive. If you are going to act upon decisions of hate and malice and greed then you are lowering the vibrations of the earth plane. When you go to war and commit acts of violence, that energy is so strong and it vibrates out into the universe like a beacon. And, it is dense and it is of the lower plane. And, the energy that is in the universe that resonates on that level becomes attracted to it and comes closer to you and, appropriately so, likes the feeling because it resonates there and it wishes to take up residence and stay.
This can be a problem however because those of you who incarnate on the earth plane who have lessons of growth and evolution to learn will have a harder time doing this while you are in the energy of the lower forms who are taking up space there. Thus, it is important to always (pause)

Thus, it is important to always remain positive and clear and pure with energy and intention. One way to do this is to meditate, to think good thoughts, to bring the high pure energy light that is above you down into your body, filtering it through the crown of your head all the way down through your feet into the earth. This acts as a purifying bath of your energy. Those of you who do this kind of work, energy practitioners we mean, we say to you now that it is important for you to remain energetically pure and rise to a higher frequency at all times so that you may attract higher frequency energy to the earth field to help balance out the lower, denser energies.

Coincidentally, these energies really do not have any colors for energy is just waves of sound and impact wafting through the atmosphere. (pause) We see that you are tired (Laura) and that the link is not as strong. So, we will say goodnight and we bid you adieu. For, we are the Council of Light and we are here to help move you along on your earthly journeys with support and love and compassion. We are the Council of Light. We wrap you in a golden blanket of light and shower you with golden energy and until we are to speak to you again, good night.

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