Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message on the Mind

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Council of Light Message on The Mind

Saturday, March 27, 2010
Time: 12:43pm
Topic: The Mind

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Good day to you Laura. We are glad to see you again today. Today we would like to discuss theory of the mind. The mind is an interesting part of human structure. It is capable of doing so much more than you realize. Scientists have yet to discover all the possibilities that the mind can create.

It is our belief that humans will one day be able to utilize all parts of the brain. And until that day comes, you will be working hard to expose every component and compartment of the brain tissue itself to understand the meaning and how it works. We ask that you keep an open mind (Council laughs) because what we are about to share is infinitely possible and yet may sound strange to some of you.

Humans are able to travel. Far out, far away, not in the sense that you are familiar with, traveling on busses and on trains and in cars and through the air on airplanes. We are talking about traveling through the mind.

We come through the mind to Laura to speak our message. And she has done much work in her life to be able to open parts of her brain so that she may receive our signals and understand when we are near. She does not understand and know how she has done this. Some of it has been through her psychic training work. Some of it has been done through intuitive processes. And, some of it has been done through her when she is in a resting state, one that humans call sleep.

The human brain is so large that it is possible to use parts that you are not aware can be used yet. These parts help you to access the realms of the etheric, what some of you call the more spiritual side of life. Not religion, but true spirit; the parts of your lives that you cannot see with the naked eye. The more you work on opening these centers in your brain, the easier it will become to detect the signals. It is possible for you to travel outward through the physical dimensions in ways that you cannot comprehend at this point, all through portals of the mind. And, it is possible to connect with loved ones that are not on the earth plane, through the mind.

How can this be done some of you are wondering; you might ask? First, you must get comfortable with yourselves. You must find a solidity and realize that you are a worthy being full of potential. This is laying the foundation and groundwork. Next, you must meditate. Expand your thinking through the meditation process. Unlock the doors that are blocking your mind. Open them to possibility. It is not important for you to know what lies behind each of those locked doors, and we use this as a metaphor, for the mind does not really have doors in it. But, a sense of trust must be created by yourself that when you work on opening these portals or channels they will lead you to wondrous places.

There is no room for doubt in this process. For doubt shuts down and closes off and isolates and stops the process from expanding. Doubt is dense and heavy and restricts you as a person. We don’t mean to imply that those of you with doubt are bad people. You are not bad people. You all are inherently good. You are just at different stages of learning. And, some of you have more learning to do because you are filled with more doubt than others. And, this is okay. You are not bad for being in this place. It is just simply where you are.

We would like to say that the earth plane is dense and it squeezes you into little boxes, if you will, and it is hard for you to come out. For, you know all about the potentials of the mind before you incarnate. And, when you enter the earth’s energy field, it’s as if you have forgotten how the mind works. We know you have not truly forgotten, it’s just that so much dense energy is layered around you, you are wading through what we call pea soup. And, it is hard for you to get out and remember.

There are those of you who do understand how the mind works and who do remember. You are the psychics of the earth, the channelers and healers of the earth, receiving divine guidance and wisdom without question or doubt. And, passing that knowledge along to others. Let us say that everyone can have these abilities. It just needs to be practiced and opened.

If you work hard through meditating and learning how to use your psychic centers, you will be able to use more of your brains than you know how to use now. Science will one day be able to measure this. In fact, scientists have already shown that monks who are in a meditative state have the use of different parts of the brain than people who are not in that same state. Repetition and training of this state helps to make it stronger. So, a monk who has been using this kind of brain manipulation for years and years will look different on a computer screen that has been hooked up to geodes (sic) on their head than the person who is just starting out. But, the person who is just starting out should take comfort in the realization that they too can do what the monk is doing. They do not need to be a monk themselves. But, with repetition and practice, their link grows stronger.

People with mental illnesses are people who have opened parts of the mind and they are not in balance with other aspects of the brain. One chamber, if you will, is over or under developed and this causes, scientifically, chemical imbalances in the brain and the person presents as unstable. Science in the West is good at providing medication that acts as a brain blocker to fill in the gaps and make mind activity appear level and equal. When this happens a person can stop presenting as delusional or paranoid or schizophrenic because the pills that are being taken act as blockers and help to ease the gaps. We can show you an example of a straight road with potholes. When the potholes are filled in this makes for a smoother ride. When the person’s mind is filled in with the medicine they can present as holistically complete in many ways.

Believe it or not, there are ways for people with brain imbalances to right the imbalances on their own, without the use of medications. It takes a lot of hard work and it can be considered an uphill battle, but it is possible. Very few people do this however and it is rare for this to occur. So, humans think that the only way to help a brain function better is to take a drug.

People with brain imbalances are good souls with wiring that is mixed up in their heads. If the wiring can be straightened out and detangled, their lives will present medically different. We ask that your fellow humans have patience with these people because they have a lot of learning to do. And, it helps them when they are feeling supported by you.

(long pause)

Thank you, Laura, for your time today. We will continue this topic another time. We are the Council of Light and we wish you a sweet goodbye and adieu. We wrap you in a golden light blanket to comfort you and sustain you in the week ahead. Goodbye.

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