Divine Lotus Healing Council of Light Channeled Message The Evolution of the Soul

Council of Light Channeled Message through Laura West

Channeled Message on The Evolution of the Soul

Saturday, April 10, 2010
Time: 7:20am
Topic: Evolution of the Soul

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Good morning Laura. We are glad that you are with us. You experienced subtle energy shifts last night while in the presence of Mirabai Devi and this morning your energy body is still feeling those effects; changing, growing, stretching, reshaping. Any time a person is involved an intense energy shift, such as the one you experienced last night, the body in physical human form, takes approximately 72 hours to integrate all of the shifting and changes.

We would like to talk to you (readers at large) today about this shift and these changes as they relate to energy because so many humans do not realize that they can change their energy field. We know that so many of you may be reminded of images on television relating to science fiction fantasy where people stand in front of each other and beam lights on the other human and magically they are changed. We are not talking about that kind of process. We are talking about a subtler, deeper universal shift that can occur for an individual over time that helps to raise their energy body to a higher level by doing such things as meditating, chanting, practicing psychic skill work, delving deeply into the eternal self and discovering who you truly are.

When a person experiences any of these energetic tools that we just mentioned they are thus more easily able to align and purify their energy body. A lot of people on your planet in the human form are caught up in the technological aspects of your society. And, while the technology is increasing and growing and helping you to connect as a larger human unit, we must remind you that it is also alienating at the same time because should a person choose to sit at their computer all day, messaging and networking with other humans around the globe, they are not allowing themselves the time nor the space to focus on themselves. Thus, their energy body will never be able to shift upward from the energetic space that it resides in now. And we ask that although we come to many of you readers through this form of technology, that you take heart in the messages we speak to you and take the time to personally ponder what they mean for you. You must spend time in solitude, in deep introspection, in order to evolve. If one never ponders and reflects on oneself, one can never grow. It is really that simple. Truly.

So, getting back to the energy body and how to do this; we have said before you must meditate. Any form of meditation is helpful. We do not subscribe to one path or another. There are so many ways to sit quietly and go within. The Buddhists have specific ways, the metaphysical spiritualists have specific ways, the occult naturalists have specific ways; it does not matter who’s system you subscribe to. They all end in the same result- deep introspection and quiet reflection.

We would like to say that it is important to purify the energy body. So many of you carry around the baggage of other people’s energy in your energy field and you do not notice the heavy burden this causes for you. You may be free to let this go. And once you do you will feel much lighter and you will be able to ascend your energy body to a higher level. It will be free of all these attachments that have been holding you down and weighting you; making you work harder to move forward. Reiki is one way to help shift this. Vibrational energy sprays are another. We do take this seriously. We would not be suggesting you try these methods unless they didn’t work. We see that there are many outlets for you to practice growing and it is time for you to try.

Community plays an important role for some of you in this development. You may wish to join a group of other people who are working on these same goals, skills, tasks. And for others of you it is a solitary journey and you must go it alone. All of this is okay. We ask that for those of you who join a group you please keep in mind that the group format serves to share your collective experiences but not to idolize and worship the ideas or people that are created as images through the group experience. Idolizing deities is a complicated and tricky thing to do and many people often times become lost in the images of worship. And, they loose sight of tracking their own personal growth. So, we ask you to remain centered and balanced upon yourself if you decide that a group format is best for you. Group format can be helpful because it allows you to share your experience and gain feedback from others about what is going on and it may help you to process in a different way the experiences that you have been receiving from your energy ascension process.

There are many people in the world who are guiding and tapping into this ascension process. All you have to do is find them. Here is one example that we are showing you as we choose to come through Laura to share our messages of how energy systems work and the functionality that you may achieve within them. We cannot force you. It is all up to you. You may choose to change and grow and learn. Or, you may choose to stay still. Either choice is just fine and okay for you. Because ultimately, you are on your own path and you decide how fast and how far along that path you wish to go. And, in this lifetime you may move very far down your own “growth road.” Or, you may choose to stay in one place. And, it is all fine. Because, in the next lifetime you will pick up with learning the lessons where you left off in this lifetime. And, you have infinite lifetimes and it doesn’t matter how many or how far it takes for you to learn your lessons. The point is you are always growing and evolving, no matter how slow or how fast.

We suggest however, that those of you who read our message are interested in growth at a quicker pace. Please do not worship us or the woman we come through to share our message. That is not the goal, nor the purpose of our work. She knows this and is a humble being. And, we have told her to remind you that the work is coming through her. Do not think of her, or us, as better than you for you are all on equal ground. You all are full of so much potential and growth and worthiness. And you all are core soul human beings in this lifetime. What do we mean by that? You all come from the same place. You all return to the same place and you all move along at your own pace while on the earth plane, that “pea soup” that we like to refer to it as. And every single one of you deserves to be validated for your process and where you are. We wish to congratulate you on your development. It is all meaningful because it relates to you.

Last night Laura experienced an energy shift by opening up her energy field to a column of divine light that was transferred through a woman who has worked hard to understand the laws of nature behind how to work with this energy. This divine energy and light is present throughout the whole universe and the woman called Mirabai Devi has figured out how to help share and transfer the light. Laura does the same on her own through her healing work and her classes she teaches. And, she recognizes that in order to grow and continue doing this work, she needs regular tune ups through people like this woman last night. It is complex to describe, yet, so simple.

You all have the ability to call this divine energy into your bodies and help purify your systems, clean you out, release the energetic baggage that is attached to you that you do not need and does not belong to you. When you do this you feel lighter, healthier, happier, cleaner, fresher, newer, rejuvenated. It sounds unbelievable but it is true. And yet, so many of you have yet to try these skills in order to do this. You are worthy of loving yourself enough to reside in a healthy place. And your self doubt and ego mind will get in the way and you must put it aside and say that you are ready and worthy enough for this light to enter your life. Please do not worship the light. It is not a deity to be worshiped. It is a universal energy and nothing more.

We ask that you remain calm and centered and balanced throughout the process so that you may continue to grow. For you are worth it. You are loved by so many that you don’t even recognize. You are all divine beings in your own right. Surrounded by the light of love. And, today we wish to remind you of this. Feel it in your hearts. Feel it in your mind. Feel it surrounding your body, wrapping you up like a tight hug. Bring joy to yourselves for you deserve it.

So that is all for today. Thank you for listening to our message. We are the Council of Light and we wrap you in a golden blanket of light until next time when we are to see you again. And we say, adieu, goodbye.

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